Saturday, August 28, 2010


Only two days in and I'm already beat!!!  It took me forever to unpack everything and I felt kinda dumb because I was the last one done, too....  I don't think I packed that much more than my other two roomies....  And speaking of which; remember my earlier post about Amber, and then the other girl, Emily?  I said that Emily wouldn't be here till the second semester, so that left only Amber and I with a really nice room all to ourselves.  NOOOTTTT.  God obviously had other plans.

When we pulled into the dorm lot, I walked in and was assigned a room, so I went up and saw that Amber had already taken a bed and so I had the other half of the room to myself.  The problem with this was that I had two bunks on my side, so I was already trying to think of ways to move them around or maybe get rid of one of the bunks.  So I went down stairs again to try to fill out some papers, and when I came back up stairs, ANOTHER girl was standing in MY room with HER luggage.  I was completely shocked.  I was like WHAT THE HECK??!!!  I got so upset that my eyes started watering and I was just getting really upset because things just weren't turning out anyway that I had imagined.  Other things had happened before that, and I had ran back outside to our van and was getting upset about that and my mom was talking to me and I snapped at her and it was just frustrating, so this just added to it.  But this second time I ran to our van, some people from Warner followed me out to the van and was yelling behind me, "Do ya got alot of stuff to move??!"  I was trying to compose my self and I was wanting so badly to turn around and scream, "DUDE!!! FREAKING BACK OFF FOR A SEC!"  I can't even explain to you how upset I was getting. But I was trying really hard not to cry.  So I helped the people with my stuff and headed back upstairs to try again.

This time when I walked in, the other girl, Alyssa, had her stuff all over the room so most of my stuff was stuck in the hall till I put it in the room.  But the first situation that had to be dealt with was the beds.  I absolutely DID NOT want to bunk with ANYONE no matter what. Bet you can guess what happened then!  After a good thirty minutes of turning and twisting and whatever else could be done to those hateful things we came to the conclusion that Amber, who had her side all to herself with her own bed and space, was the luckiest chick on the planet because Alyssa and I had to freaking bunk.  (At least I got the bottom, although I'm pretty sure the top bunk as more space from the bed to the ceiling compared to the bottom bunk with the bed to the underneath of the top bunk.  (Refer to the pictures for some visual guidance.)
This is my desk area. Yeah, it's an absolute mess. lol
I'm hoping I can get used to the horrible crampedness.  Trust me people, NOT good.

So... It was probably the most incredibly stressful day of my life and at the end of the day I felt like my shins were going to implode (aka not good)  It took me till midnight to move MOST not all of my stuff around.  I was mostly trying to clear off my bed so I could pass out and try to forget. 

Today, we went to breakfast and then off to a service project with our designated groups.  My group helped tear down a really nasty old house and helped put up some walls on a new one, but that was easy.  Another group had to do roofing for 2 hours in the Florida heat and sun.  Can you say "ew"? lol.  And the rest of the day has been pretty easy.... we had some free time, then dinner, then just hangin out.  I've been trying to get my stuff organized all day during the spare times that I have.

Now, I am whooped.  I am hitting the sack.  Leave comments!!! :)


  1. Heyy!! Glad you made it safe and sound!
    Wow!! I can't imagine being that cramped... Haha
    Praying for you all!! :)

    Sarah Curtis

  2. I am sorry to hear that things got off to a bad start with your room. It must be a nightmare with 3 of you squashed in there. Hope things settle down and start to improve for you soon.

  3. Kelli, I am so sorry things didn't go the way you were expecting...You were sooooooo excited about getting there. Hopefully things will improve greatly in the coming Ya' girl