Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the winner is......

Well, I tried Tumblr.... and I couldn't even figure out how to post anything!  Blogspot is much more appealing for me... I just wish people realized that even though they don't have a blog, they can still comment.  It helps me to know that whatever I say means something to them, or that someone is hearing what I say or like what I say. 

I shall continue to post from here, and even though I say it all the time, I hope to post more often... So lend a hand, PEOPLE!!!  Let me know you are listening!!

Thank you much :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blogspot v. Tumblr

So.... What should I do? I don't know if anyone ever reads my blog anymore... I don't get a lot of comments...

I have several friends who read and use tumblr.... so... should I switch?  Is tumblr as awesome as blogspot? Who knows?? A FIGHT TO THE DEATH I SAY!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Am I being ridiculous? Or just female? Don't you dare say it's the same

I have been debating for awhile now, whether or not to get some angled bangs cut into my hair. I have been a little bored with my hair and kinda felt like I needed a change. So I finally decided to get my bangs cut.  Sorry Mom... :(

There is an awesome lady that I know... and she is pretty much one of the coolest cats I know.  She cuts hair around campus, and when I got my hair trimmed a few weeks ago, she did it for me for $10.  (GIVE HER SOME BUSINESSS)

Anyway, late last night, she got in to the dorm and so I went to her room to get my bangs cut. I had so many freaking crazy butterflies going all up, in, and around my innards. I hadn't cut my bangs for... a realllyyy long time. I was really scared that I would hate it and that I would cry and want to shave it all off.

And... that kinda did happen.  When she cut them, it was like... a shock. I practically ran out of the room crying. Not because she did a terrible job cutting them, it was because I thought they were to short, that they laid funny, that it didn't look good with my hair, etc, etc. 

So, I got to my room (still bawling my eyes out because that's what I do when I think my hair is ruined), and I stood in the bathroom looking at my bangs and trying to hide them in the rest of my hair with a twist braid. EVERYTIME I GET MY HAIR CUT, I cry. How pathetic?? I think I have a problem... idk... but after i put my hair up, I just prayed, "Jesus, please let me wake up tomorrow and like my hair.  I want to like it, but I HATE IT right now... maybe I'm overreacting... help me not to..."

Then, I got up this morning and jumped in the shower to start getting ready for class, and when I got out, blow-dried my hair, and kinda brushed it through.... guess what??? I loved it :) I love it. See?? God even answers the super teeny tiny prayers that sometimes sounds a little ridiculous :)

I'll post a picture of my hair later!!