Thursday, October 28, 2010


So....  My birthday is tomorrow.... and I am in Florida, and my family is in Ohio.... I don't know about this.  I don't know if anyone is going to do anything for my birthday here. I mean, it's totally ok if they don't, I am just sayin'.

It would be nice if someone did... but there are a dozen complications I guess.... Oh well, I can't mope now!!! I'm almost 19!!!!   (It isn't nearly as fun down here as it is up in Ohio...)  No anticipation of opening a present or anything.  I asked for money this year since it would be wayy too hard to ship an actual present.  But my mom and dad still sent me a box of my magazines and a card from them and one from my sister.  Plus, I got some candy and some earrings!!!  (I can never get enough studs bc I am constantly getting my hair caught in them and ripping them out and then I end up losing them! Lol.

Oh! And how is this for an early birthday present!!?? I had a math test scheduled today, but the teacher postponed it till Tuesday!!! :))) So that's always good. Especially since I suck at math.

Well.... I think that's it.  Until next time. lol

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

God Moment

So... on Wednesday I was having lunch or dinner with a few of my friends (don't ask me which ones, I just remember eating. LOL)  Anyway, I saw this upper class-men girl walking across the cafeteria and she reminded me of something that I had wanted to tell my friends about her.  I had actually seen her in the Warner Beyond Belief book that you get in the mail that has all the info about Warner in it.  Well, she had been in one of the big pictures so she was stuck in my mind because I am just really good at remembering faces.  Anyway, when I first started my year out here, I told them, that I was walking down the hall and I saw this girl in the hallway as well.  And the first thought that had come across my brain was "OMG SHE'S FAMOUS!!!!"  I didn't know where she was from but I remembered her face perfectly. Then I finally remembered that I had seen her in the booklet.  I laughed at myself for that one...  Anyway, I told everybody that I was sitting with, that I wanted to talk to her somehow and tell her that I had thought that she was famous the first time I saw her.

Ok, the cool part.  So later that day I prayed a little prayer (I didn't really take it seriously because it wasn't a big deal) that I could somehow meet her or gain the courage to just go up and talk to her.  So, on Thursday,  we always eat in the cafeteria after chapel.  So I headed up there with a couple of my friends.  It is ALWAYS crowded in the cafeteria after chapel because apparently no one wants to go back and cook their own meals or something after church. I have no idea.  But as soon as we walked in we started maneuvering around tables and bodies ("we" being Matt, Rachel, and I).  As we discovered when we got to our usual table, someone elses stuff was on our table.  So we moved to another table instead.  I went to get my food and Matt and Rachel went to get theirs. 

Of course, by this time I had long forgotten about my prayer, but I was about to get a shock.  When we all came back to sit down, we noticed some backpacks at the table that weren't any of our friends, but we were like whatever... So we started eating and talking.... and lo and behold!!! Guess who sat down by the backpacks?????  I was like. OMG. Haha. Jesus?? YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!!!!  So I rudely interrupted Matt's conversation and I was like "Excuse me?  Hi, what is your name?"  And she said "Ashley."  I was like, ok this is freaking awesome, and I have to tell you.  Yesterday, I prayed that God would give me an opportunity to talk to you because I wanted to tell you a story"  So I went ahead and told her about my thinking she was famous.  And she was like "Wow.  That is soo crazy!!!" and we went on and talked for a few minutes and then her friend came and sat down beside her, and Ashley had me tell her that story as well.  Her friend had the same reaction plus a "Hallelujah!! Praise Jesus!" Haha. 

I just wanted to share that because it just proves to me that God cares about the little things.  And I mean the super little things that, to us, seem meaningless, like wanting to meet a girl who I thought was famous when I first saw her.  A petty little story that I wanted to share, and God made that possible by being completely random and placing her at the table.  Now, I can say "Hey Ashley!!!" and she might recognize me now as the girl who thought that she was famous and who had a kinda cool answer to prayer.

Hey Jesus! Did I mention that You are AMAZING??!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Heyyy guys!!!!  Sorry I haven't posted anything for a while!  Things are pretty hectic around here (ok, I lied, they get TOTALLY boring).  There has been stuff on and off that has gone on, but I just haven't had the energy to post!!  Altho, I did draw another piece of art.... so I'll post that soon.  :)  Ok, I need to get to my morning class!!!

Peace, people!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So... at Warner University right now, it is RUSH week, and what that means is that the colleges 4 social clubs: Camarada (girls) and their brother club Dativus , then there is L'amifidel (girls) and their brother club Novus Dux have a full week to recruit new members.  After much conflict and debate, I decided to "rush" or try out/ join Camarada.  It is some hard core stuff, but I really like it alot.  I think I will love my sister rushees very soon!!!

Now when I say hardcore... I'm talkin' friggin bootcamp.  Like fo shizniz.  Every muscle in my body is screaming at me every time I breathe. It is ridiculous.  And today, I did something that I absolutely LOVE and hadn't done in forever.  People were impressed ;-)

I can't give any details to anything that we did because it is an oath we all took when we started rush, that is, not to say a word to anyone about the goings on of Camarada rush. 

OMG!!!! It burns so gooooooddd!!  Speaking of which, I am thinking about starting to exercise and work out and stuff, and my dorm mom, Faith and one of my future Camarada sisters, Mindy, both go to a kickboxing class and asked me if I wanted to join them... I am seriously thinking about it, but it all depends on how much money it costs because I don't have a job yet... AND I'M PRAYIN FOR ONNNNEEE

OKKK. I need to go to bed. Lol. I have an 8 o'clock class tomorrow, one which I slept straight through my alarm for it on Tuesday... whoopies :P

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yesterday was Liz's birthday, so Brian, Jake, and myself, went home with Liz for the weekend to celebrate. So, her brother picked us all up on friday afternoon and we all packed our stuff into their SUV.  Jake packed like 10 bags. haha. AND we get our laundry done FOR FREEE!!!

We went to the Manatee beach which I guess is famous for having like having a bajillion coquinas.  And there were a TON of them.  But we walked the beach in the tide and it felt so amazing.  While we were walking I was taking pictures of the ocean and of us.  But it was difficult to get myself in any because I was the one taking the pics!  But as we were walking, we passed a group of women and Liz and I decided to ask them to take a picture of us all together.  So... one of them got up and took like one of us and then handed my camera back.  We were like... uh... just one? lol. Then another girl stood up and walked over to us and asked us if we wanted some more.  She told us that she went to college for photography and the pictures came out pretty good.  I edited them when I uploaded them onto my computer. What do ya think?????  We are sooo photogenic. lol