Sunday, August 29, 2010

My roomies!!!

Things are starting to fall together.  I'm starting to get to know my two roommates and we have already had some funny moments. For example: Amber, the blond one, just fell out of her bed which is about 3 feet off the ground while she was talking on the phone. It was pretty hilarious. lol.  Anyway, here is our first picture together!!!

Amber, me, and Alyssa :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Only two days in and I'm already beat!!!  It took me forever to unpack everything and I felt kinda dumb because I was the last one done, too....  I don't think I packed that much more than my other two roomies....  And speaking of which; remember my earlier post about Amber, and then the other girl, Emily?  I said that Emily wouldn't be here till the second semester, so that left only Amber and I with a really nice room all to ourselves.  NOOOTTTT.  God obviously had other plans.

When we pulled into the dorm lot, I walked in and was assigned a room, so I went up and saw that Amber had already taken a bed and so I had the other half of the room to myself.  The problem with this was that I had two bunks on my side, so I was already trying to think of ways to move them around or maybe get rid of one of the bunks.  So I went down stairs again to try to fill out some papers, and when I came back up stairs, ANOTHER girl was standing in MY room with HER luggage.  I was completely shocked.  I was like WHAT THE HECK??!!!  I got so upset that my eyes started watering and I was just getting really upset because things just weren't turning out anyway that I had imagined.  Other things had happened before that, and I had ran back outside to our van and was getting upset about that and my mom was talking to me and I snapped at her and it was just frustrating, so this just added to it.  But this second time I ran to our van, some people from Warner followed me out to the van and was yelling behind me, "Do ya got alot of stuff to move??!"  I was trying to compose my self and I was wanting so badly to turn around and scream, "DUDE!!! FREAKING BACK OFF FOR A SEC!"  I can't even explain to you how upset I was getting. But I was trying really hard not to cry.  So I helped the people with my stuff and headed back upstairs to try again.

This time when I walked in, the other girl, Alyssa, had her stuff all over the room so most of my stuff was stuck in the hall till I put it in the room.  But the first situation that had to be dealt with was the beds.  I absolutely DID NOT want to bunk with ANYONE no matter what. Bet you can guess what happened then!  After a good thirty minutes of turning and twisting and whatever else could be done to those hateful things we came to the conclusion that Amber, who had her side all to herself with her own bed and space, was the luckiest chick on the planet because Alyssa and I had to freaking bunk.  (At least I got the bottom, although I'm pretty sure the top bunk as more space from the bed to the ceiling compared to the bottom bunk with the bed to the underneath of the top bunk.  (Refer to the pictures for some visual guidance.)
This is my desk area. Yeah, it's an absolute mess. lol
I'm hoping I can get used to the horrible crampedness.  Trust me people, NOT good.

So... It was probably the most incredibly stressful day of my life and at the end of the day I felt like my shins were going to implode (aka not good)  It took me till midnight to move MOST not all of my stuff around.  I was mostly trying to clear off my bed so I could pass out and try to forget. 

Today, we went to breakfast and then off to a service project with our designated groups.  My group helped tear down a really nasty old house and helped put up some walls on a new one, but that was easy.  Another group had to do roofing for 2 hours in the Florida heat and sun.  Can you say "ew"? lol.  And the rest of the day has been pretty easy.... we had some free time, then dinner, then just hangin out.  I've been trying to get my stuff organized all day during the spare times that I have.

Now, I am whooped.  I am hitting the sack.  Leave comments!!! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm gonna miss this.....

Tomorrow is the move-in date for Warner University.  I am soooo psyched.  Move-in starts at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  I think I'm going to get there early, as is my roommate, Amber.  We gotta make sure we get the good beds just in case we get stuck with a third girl.  (No offense, Third Girl, if you do show up).

Tonight, while we were all sitting down to dinner, and before we started eating, my mom was like "Why don't you pray since this is your last time to do it with us?"  I was like "Oh!!" And I made a sad face. lol. That is kinda sad though.... I'll miss that. And then a few minutes ago my mom was talking about going to Sea World while I was at Orientation, and Kerri was like  "No way, Mom!! Some girl died there! She got eaten by Shamwow! I don't want to get eaten!"  Haha. We just looked at her and started laughing. She does that alot. lol.  Good times.  Like I said, I'll miss this...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ECHO!!! echo!! echo! echo.......

I will tell you right now, this summer has flown by faster than I could say "YAY!!! I'm finally FREE!!" Which is starting to feel not as good as I originally thought.  Of course I won't miss my parents, or my sister, or my house or room!  But as you read previously, you can tell that was a bunch of hogwash!  I will miss my room alot.... my parents too (yeah, yeah whatever. At least I admitted to it!!)  My sister? Naw.  I can't miss somebody who is only going to miss my stuff. (It's true. Just ask her.)

This is the last night that I am going to be sleeping in my room.  When I get back, it's not going to be mine anymore :(  I killed my room, but it was a needed sacrifice to keep it from dying in the hands of my evil sister.  I took some before and after pictures.  And if you aren't depressed at all afterward, smack yourself. For real.

Yeah... depressing. ugh. I feel like somebody died... oh wait. That was my room and I and our relationship.... Oh, and those stains on the carpet?? I've been putting those there since I was 5!  What can I say? I'm good at leaving a mark ;-)  The walls were once filled with awesomeness.  Now the barrenness of the room is overwhelmingly melancholy.... Ew.  Well, one things for sure. When I move into my room at Warner, if I don't end up scaring the roomie away, I will make a new room my friend :D  How exciting is that!!!!?????

Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Changes starting to hit me in the face...

       So I am sitting beside my bed on a little step stool browsing Facebook and just taking a break from the chaos of my room, of packing, and of the constant worry that I might be missing something or that I am packing too much.  Anyway, I have been sitting here and I just started to think (which for me isn't all that good of an idea).  I am starting to really see that this college thing is bigger than I thought.  I mean, I was thinking about my room.  It's been my room for about 13 years and I am just going to up and leave it.  It's been my sanctuary to get away from family, from noise, from life if I had to, and now I am abandoning it.  Haha. Listen to me talking about my room as if it had a personality.  You know, I kinda think it does.  It has my personality, but it has it's own.  The mess that it portrays , which hasn't necessarily been from myself, takes on it's own sort of way of life. lol. I sound crazy.  That's what the thought of loss does to a person.

      Then I started thinking about all the vacations that my family has been on and I go back to the moments when we come home after being away for several days, and I can still remember the relief of coming back to MY room.  My own spot of familiarity.  I can feel the comfort start to flow through me as I look around at the familiar furniture, colors, objects, and feel everything again.

Then, a thought came to me.  This time, this "vacation" isn't a vacation at all.  And when I come back to my sanctuary, my familiar place, it won't be mine anymore. It will have changed from the months of my being gone.  It will become someone else's space, no longer mine.  The furniture might stay the same, but the things that fill it are no longer what I  filled them with.  It is just depressing to think about coming back and not really having a little place of my own, no matter how small it is.  My mom always says that no matter how old I am I will always have a place at home, but it will just be a roof over my head after leaving for college.  All my things will have been changed... Ugh.  Well, that's enough depression for now...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Reunion

I went to a family reunion today. It was my grandma's side of the family.  There is one main thing I would like to advise all people who are about to head to a family reunion:
THINK:  Do I have a sunburn?
DECIDE: Should I get near any family member that I probably haven't seen since kindergarten, which is most likely almost everyone, who might possible want to embrace me rather harshly?
EXECUTEYes I have a sunburn.  No I will not get near any family member who intends to harm me in a supposed tender way. RUN AWAYYYYYYYY.

As you can probably tell, I have a wonderfully pleasant time :)  I spent the majority of my time dodging flabby arms, and hitting the buffet. (Not literally).  Then I spent some time by myself on the front porch of the house we were at drawing "Phil's Collision Center" across the street.  I posted it on my art blog. It isn't very good, but I used what I had, aka, printer paper, a pencil with a missing eraser, and my lack of eye glasses to see adequately across the street.  Excuses, excuses, right? lol.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Packin' for College

     Well, it is day one for packing, unless you count the little box of books I packed last night.  Now, when I get motivated, I can get things done.  I was motivated today, despite my horribly painful sunburn.  I started some laundry last night and have been finishing it all morning. And as the clothes have been coming out of the dryer I have been stacking and organizing them on my bed.  Dude, I have a boat load of clothes. It is kinda ridiculous. lol. My room looks pretty disastrous still, but it will slowly look more and more depressingly empty :( Any way, here is my organized mess before and after:

 Now, I could only fit my underwear, socks, bras, and shirts into this case, and the case is surprisingly big. I have to put my jeans, shorts, and skirts in a separate box.

I have also packed a boot size shoe box with my dishes and other kitchen stuff (isn't much), and I have another box with my towels, and other bathroom toiletries. I also moved most of my cosmetic stuff into my big makeup box.  Then lastly on this packing spree, I have a clear tub that has all my lotions, body sprays, deodorant, etc.
Well, so far so good, but I have a crap load more to do... joy.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day out

You know what I really hate?  I hate thinking it is one day and getting excited because on that one day you can do a particular something, so after you get all worked up about getting to do this one something... it hits you. Today isn't that day you thought it was, therefore you can no longer to that something because of the one day that it actually is.  Ya. You know what I'm talking about.

I thought today was Saturday so I thought that while I was out with my foster sister, of whom I haven't seen since last summer, I could go to the Flea Market, which I have never been, to look for a certain wallet that I know is there, which I need very badly.  But today is actually only Tuesday, so as you can see, I have awhile to wait. Ugh :(

Anyway, back to my beautiful foster sister, Carolyn. I am hanging out with her for the day, seeing as I only have about 8 more days before I leave for college.  I think we are going putt putting.  SO FUNNN!!! Ok! Gotta go!!

I'm the one on the left, my blood sister is next, then Carolyn (the girl I'm hangin with today, and I have no clue about that other girl.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So pretty much the greatest show to ever make it onto the television was Alias.  OMG!!!!  I loved this show so much.  I remember, when I was alot younger, when my dad and I would sit down in the living room and wait for Alias to come on.  I would get so hyper during the week just waiting for that day.  To this day, the main character, Jennifer Garner is still my favorite actress.

Anyway, my point is that all this past week I have sat on my bed with my laptop and have watched the rest of the season.  My sister and I had gotten my dad a new season each year for Christmas, and we had sat down to watch it for two summers but we never got to finish it.  I figured that before I headed off to college I would try to finish the series and see how it ended.  I had forgotten how much I really loved the show, but I figured it out pretty quick because I couldn't stop watching it. I would practically die between switching the discs!  I even stayed up till 4 one night. Lol.

I just love the entire ongoing theme of the show: Rambaldi.  According to the show Milo Rambaldi was an inventor from over 100 years ago except the inventions that he described in his manuscript were scientific inventions that were several years advanced to what was already in the current science world.  The bad guys all wanted Rambaldi artifacts and the good guys had to protect them or try to get rid of them because the artifacts would eventually lead to world destruction.  It may sound lame to some people, but all the characters were magnificently rounded and I fell in love with everyone, and I even felt bad for the super evil dude!!  (Now that is a good show)

So for all of you who read this, what is your favorite show of all time? It can be a current show, or an old show that ended or got canceled or anything. Tell me why too!! :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I finally got my roommate assignments envelope today in the mail.  This morning we were leaving for Columbus to do some shopping, and we got the mail as we pulled out our drive.  As soon as I saw my dad reaching into the mailbox, I was like "PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEAASSSEE!!!!"  
And lo and behold, there it was :)
I opened it up and saw my future for the next year:

 Amber :)

                                                 Emily :)

So... basically, the first thing I did was text them both!!  (Duh. Like I could hold it in any longer? No way.)

Emily texted me back first and I told her who I was. Then she told me that she wouldn't actually room with the Amber and I until the second semester because she was doing the college program called HEART. It is an acronym for something... lol, but my memory has failed me as to what exactly that is. Anyway, it is a hardcore missionary training program where students, for a whole semester, live in the woods and learn to survive in the wild basically.  It is so amazing.  

Amber never texted me :( Not until the end of the day at least.  It was around 8:30 or 9 pm when we stopped at a MacDonald's on the way home (they have free wi-fi), and so I used my itouch to find Amber and add her to Facebook because she wasn't replying to my messages.  While we were still there she accepted my request and from then she figured out that they gave me her home phone number instead of her cell. So, we have been talking every since.

I think I got really lucky with my roommates.  I trust that God knows me pretty well to know who I will be good with. :) 

Emily and her boyfriend have started a little non-profit business called Sowing Love Ministries.  Their webstore is Please check it out if you love hemp!!!! I want to help them grow for sure!! :)

Amber and I have only been talking about an hour so I am still learning a little bit about her. She is 5 '9!! Haha. Way taller than I am.  She raises lambs and shows them I think... at fairs? I'm not sure.

They are both so freaking gorgeous.  I cannot wait to get to know them better. I hope we can become really good friends...

I am envious of Amber because on Facebook, it looks like she has a best friend.  That is really awesome.  I'm glad that people can have best friends.  Although, I have never had a best friend :( But I am hoping that in college I will get one or two... or three.... or maybe seven :D 

Well, I know a few things so far... I have talked to Amber a lot longer than Emily.  I believe I might have found a kindred spirit. Haha :) Altho, looking at her pics on facebook, and seeing her with her best friend is a bit intimidating :/ 
And then, Emily. I think we will get along great as well because she is very super creative with her and her boyfriends website organization thing.  Plus, we have alot in common. She reminds me of my old best friend, Bekah :)

Whelp, that's it for now!!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Packing... also not for the impatient.

I have a ridiculous amount of things to pack for college.  RIDICULOUS. THIS is NOT an EXAGGERATION of ANY kind. Haha. Ok I'm done. But can you see where I'm coming from?

 Ok... admittedly, some of that is not going to college. Like that have eaten moldy sandwich in the back corner.... HEYYY!!! Why did you look?? Did you seriously think I would have something like that in there? Thank you so much:P

Anyway, I have a lot to do.  I have lists coming out of my ears, but they are all slowly starting to get checked off. Did I say slowly? Good.  But, I'll be the first to admit, I LOVE making lists. I'll make a list about making more lists.  Just about anything.  Things to do, to clean, to finish, to remember, to aspire, etc, etc.  I still have 2 weeks before I leave, so I have a while to start packing.  I can't exactly start now because I use pretty much everything that is going with me.... Oh well... Guess I'll just have to freaking wait some more... :(


Patience is NOT one of my virtues....

I have waited till I can hardly bare to wait any longer.

Yeah.  That's my angry face.  UGH!! It's seriously bugging me!!! I started out thinking that at Warner, the girls dorms only had to be shared by two girls, but when I went down to visit a few weeks ago I found out that it's shared by THREE girls.  Oh geez. I don't think I'll be able to handle it.  Despite the fact that I happen to be a girl, does nothing for the fact that I usually really don't like the female gender.  I was just getting used to having to live with one other girl and I was starting to like the idea, when low-and-behold I gotta share with ANOTHER flippin girl.  Great. It's gonna be awesome.

For this reason, I must find out sooner than later who they are.  This way, I can warm up to them. Or warm up my sarcastic and sardonic ammunition that usually turns people off.  Haha I'm just kiddin.  Kind of.  No seriously, I am.  (Don't be scared, future-roomy-who-may-be-but-probably-isn't-reading-this!!!)

Anyway, back to my topic.  The roommate assignments were supposed to go out the 1st of August, which happens to be a Sunday. So, of course they probably sent them out today.  Which means that I should get the letter Wednesday or Thursday, but will probably get it next week. GAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Just sometime this week. *looking heavenward* That's all I ask, Sir.

(fingers crossed)


20 days and Counting. Can it take any longer????

Ok, like the title obviously states, I have 20 days left still and that's not counting today.  What am I counting down to you may ask?  Well, I am counting down the days till I leave good ol' Ohio for the sweet, sweet Canaan land of Florida.  Sigh... Can't you just see it?
Yup... that looks just about right... just throw in some friends, some music, and lotsa food and I'm set. Who cares that I'm going there for school?! 
Yeah :( I know. It's a real downer isn't it. Of course my parents care, and my grandparents, and my other too-smart-for-their-own-good friends care. Ugh. I suppose I have to care, too. Whatever.  The dream looks nice though doesn't it.... :)  Maybe I will get lucky and have a weekend here and there where I can step into my dream. 

(fingers crossed)