Monday, June 24, 2013


         Ok, so here is the bad news:  The Color Run this past Saturday wasn't an official Color Run.  It was a sponsored event by some heart association, and it was actually a little lame. Haha, BUT, you can't tell that from the pictures!!  The four of us still had an awesome time laughing and joking (mostly at the fake Color Run). 
         I will say that because it wasn't a real Color Run, I can't mark it off my bucket list.  I want my Color Run experience to be ridiculously epic and colorific. Hahah so I guess I'll have to sign up for the next Color Run in Orlando!  Anyway, here are some photos from Saturday! 

Okeydokey! That's all for this post :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturday is gonna be UHHMAZINGG

           As most of you are Facebook friends with me,  you've probably seen that I posted about getting to finally do The Color Run.  I have had this on my bucket list for about 3 years now and I finally get to check it off TOMORROW!!!!    The above picture is a picture taken from one of the runs in one of the hundreds of big cities that The Color Run visits every year.  Here is a link to a video to see more about it:   The Color Run

           One of the things you have to do is wear white. I don't have white pants or shorts precisely because I cannot ever seem to keep them white for more than a week.  Ok, that's a lie.  I do have one pair of white shorts.... but now they are more of an off whte/grey.  LIKE I SAID.  Anyway, I'll just be wearing a pair of workout pants.  

           So here is the thing I'm most excited about.  I only brought one pair of running shoes with me, and they are my favorite: Nike Dual Fusion, Neon blue and yellow.  LOVE THEM!!!  And there is no way on earth I'm wearing them during the color fiasco.  I'd never see the color again! Well, I probably would because the color is just made of colored corn starch and it washes mostly off, but I don't want to risk it with my Nikes.  I figured I'd just go to Wal-Mart or clearance from another store and find a cheap pair of tennis shoes to wear.  So today I went to the mall and went into literally every store that had shoes.  Nothing. Too expensive or too ugly. And heck yes I'm gonna be picky, yeah even with cheap shoes.  Good thing too!  My last store I went into was JcPenny's.  I have gotten several pairs of shoes there and gotten good deals.  So I went to their shoe section and started searching.  I found a couple, but they were $50 +  so then I remembered that I had two old giftcards from the store, and by old I mean at least 4 years or older.  I know they are that old because they are the same two giftcards I've been switching between purses and wallets for years. Hahaha.  Anyway, so I go and ask them if they could tell me how much is on each and I figure its probably like a dollar or two on them.  They have to call some place to figure it out because the cards are so old they are showing up as unactivated on their registers. (oops. lol)  As they are making the calls and doing whatever it is that they do, I walk over to a clearance section.  They have 12 pairs of the same Nike shoe.  Black and pink.  Uhhh I'm not a fan of pink, but since it's clearance, I check.  People, this shoe should not have been on clearance.  In my opinion, clearance is 50% or higher off.  This shoe was originally $70 and they were selling it for $60.  Gee. Thank you so much.  I literally shook my head and put the box back on the shelf and walked around the stand again. Then I saw one New Balance box.  I walk over, and it's my size, and they are running shoes.  And what do you know??  They are on sale for $26!  Now THAT'S more like it.  I try them on and they feel good and by now the ladies at the counter figured out what I had left on the cards. $12!!!!  So they give me a replacement card with the total on it, and I decide to get the shoes.  When they ring the shoes up, they come up for $6 less than priced!  So the shoes are now $20 and I have a $12 giftcard. I ended up paying $8 for a pair of awesome New Balance shoes.  

Drum roll please.........................................................

My new shoes!

Since they were only $8 and they are dark, I'll be wearing these to the run.  Hopefully Ill take plenty of pictures there so I can post them on here!!!  Wooo!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh shoot. I'm an adult.

           The other day I had a profound moment. I was here at work and I was just walking out of the bathroom and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I just had this feeling that made me stop and just stare at myself.  No, I wasn't staring because I was like, "Dang I look GOOOD." Haha! Although, sometimes I really do that.  I mean, when ya look good, ya look good. Ya know?  
        Anyway, the reason I was looking at myself so intently was because I just had this moment of realization of feeling like I finally felt, and looked, my age.  I was looking and I said out loud, "Uhh... Ok this is weird."  I don't know how to explain it, but I just finally recognized myself as an adult and as a 21, almost 22 year old. 

Me, as of 20 seconds ago, and Me, as of about 20 years ago.

        And today, I am alone in the office because Victoria and Drew went with the middle schoolers to Wounded Knee which is an indian reservation they go to every year for missions.  I stayed behind so I can be available to counselors that are in The Healing Place (counseling center located within the church. It's pretty awesome) so that I can kind of interview them and just get a little bit more information on my career path. And as I was walking from the bathroom today, ( I just noticed all my realizations are happening around the bathroom.... that's awkward...) I realized that I had a big girl job, the kind of job I thought about when I was younger.  I sit in an office, read books, type up reports, talk with people, engage in some good conversation, etc.  I know it's an internship, but still, it's the closest thing I have to a big girl job up to this point.  And again, it was weird thinking that I'm not working at a restaurant, or a theme park, or whatever else I did when I was in high school.  This is it. I'm not little anymore, I'm not a teenager anymore.  I have to make big girl decisions and do big girl things.  This is a little intimidating. I'm in my last year of college starting this fall and afterwards, I have to figure out what I'm gonna do with my life. YIKES.  

         Another thing I noticed is that my baby sis isn't such a baby anymore.  I didn't really just notice this, but it fits nicely into the context of this post, so I'll add it in. (Plus I made a before/after pic so I simply HAVE to use it. :P )  Anyway, like I said, she isn't a baby anymore.  She's still a teenager, but she's almost 19 and that pretty crazy.  I used to think people were so dumb for not remembering how old their brothers and sisters were, but now I get it.  I keep thinking she's still like.... 15.  But she isn't! I can still try to boss her around, but  I think it is extremely unlikely that she is gonna listen. 
Kerri & I, about 19 yrs ago,  and then Kerri & I, around last Christmas
         So, moral of the story is this:  Time, man.... This junk creeps right on up behind you, and then attacks you like a mind controlling spider monkey so you've got no idea how or when time caught up with you!  Luckily, I think I age well, so it's all good. I just gotta get my junk together so I'm prepared for what time holds for me!  Just gotta take a deep breath and keep going, because whether or not I choose it, time keeps movin'!

Friday, June 7, 2013

My fellow Musketeers

          Ok, fine. We aren't really musketeers.  Just boring ol' interns. SIKE!! WE ARE SO AWESOMEE. Hahaha!  But for real.

         They are too awesome not to share, so I'm gonna tell ya'll about them!

Victoria, me, Drew
 Victoria is 19 and is a sophomore in college.  She goes to a local college here and is studying Pre-Dentistry and is hoping to use it in the mission field.  Coolest facts thus far:  She is half Brazilian and has one heck of a voice!

Drew is also 19 and he is also a sophomore in college, but has been in college for 3 years.  He's only gone part time, but this next semester he is actually going to be going to Warner University! WOOO!
Coolest facts thus far:   He has played guitar for like 10yrs and has an incredible voice too!

         We've actually had a few worship seshes together and our voices blend pretty impressively.  I'm excited to get to know these guys because I can already tell they are exceptional people, and as we all know, I love me some awesome peeps.

So on that note,  another awesome picture: haha


Books Books Books

Hey Guys!!

         So, summer is definitely the perfect time to read!  And I, for one, LOVE to read.  I read all kinds of books from fiction like sci-fi, mystery, romance, suspense, etc, to religion books or educational books.  It just depends on what mood I'm in.  I also love reading different places.  Outside is a beautiful place to read.  I also enjoy reading in my bed.  
         When I was younger, I used to read by night-light because I was suppose to be in bed with the lights off! I would get out of my bed and just lay under the outlet that had that teeny tiny little light plugged in and just read for hours.  I never got into the whole flashlight-under-the-covers thing.  I remember being grounded to my room without tv or computer and sent to my room to stay the night and I would just rub my hands together in my head and laugh evilly because all my books were in my room! It wasn't a punishment! MUAHAHA!!  

 I was such a nerd. 

 Yeah I know. I still am.

          These are some of the books I'm reading, I've read, or I'm hoping to read during the summer.  And this is definitely not the whole stack! I took the picture right outside on the porch and it is my favorite place to read here!

         So I'm curious!!  What books are you reading right now? And where is your favorite place to read?