Friday, June 7, 2013

Books Books Books

Hey Guys!!

         So, summer is definitely the perfect time to read!  And I, for one, LOVE to read.  I read all kinds of books from fiction like sci-fi, mystery, romance, suspense, etc, to religion books or educational books.  It just depends on what mood I'm in.  I also love reading different places.  Outside is a beautiful place to read.  I also enjoy reading in my bed.  
         When I was younger, I used to read by night-light because I was suppose to be in bed with the lights off! I would get out of my bed and just lay under the outlet that had that teeny tiny little light plugged in and just read for hours.  I never got into the whole flashlight-under-the-covers thing.  I remember being grounded to my room without tv or computer and sent to my room to stay the night and I would just rub my hands together in my head and laugh evilly because all my books were in my room! It wasn't a punishment! MUAHAHA!!  

 I was such a nerd. 

 Yeah I know. I still am.

          These are some of the books I'm reading, I've read, or I'm hoping to read during the summer.  And this is definitely not the whole stack! I took the picture right outside on the porch and it is my favorite place to read here!

         So I'm curious!!  What books are you reading right now? And where is your favorite place to read?

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  1. I love to read too! Mostly, I read sitting on my couch, early in the morning while I'm alone. But I also read in the car, on the back porch, just about anyplace, like I said, "I love to read" jan