Friday, June 7, 2013

My fellow Musketeers

          Ok, fine. We aren't really musketeers.  Just boring ol' interns. SIKE!! WE ARE SO AWESOMEE. Hahaha!  But for real.

         They are too awesome not to share, so I'm gonna tell ya'll about them!

Victoria, me, Drew
 Victoria is 19 and is a sophomore in college.  She goes to a local college here and is studying Pre-Dentistry and is hoping to use it in the mission field.  Coolest facts thus far:  She is half Brazilian and has one heck of a voice!

Drew is also 19 and he is also a sophomore in college, but has been in college for 3 years.  He's only gone part time, but this next semester he is actually going to be going to Warner University! WOOO!
Coolest facts thus far:   He has played guitar for like 10yrs and has an incredible voice too!

         We've actually had a few worship seshes together and our voices blend pretty impressively.  I'm excited to get to know these guys because I can already tell they are exceptional people, and as we all know, I love me some awesome peeps.

So on that note,  another awesome picture: haha


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  1. They sound like great people. Looking forward to hearing more about them and how the internship is going.