Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Start of 40 Days of Epic Awesomeness!!!!!!

     Tomorrow, my friends and I are going to start a diet/exercise regimen for 40 days to coincide with Chris Seay's book, A Place at the Table.  It's about solidarity with the poor from other countries.  We eat what they eat every day for 40 days which is rice, chicken, some fruit and only drink water.  
Me, Salina, and Lexi
     This is our "Before" pic.  We individually took "before" pics of ourselves so after our 40 days of hardcore working out, we will take them again, and another one like above, and be able to see a difference. I hope. And just in case we can't see it, we took our measurements. Gotta cover all the bases!!  

     I am definitely excited about it.  I just hope I stay disciplined and keep at it.  I want to go above and beyond and seriously get really well.  Wish me well!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I hate regret

Right now, I am working on two little portraits for a woman who works in the office that I am a student worker in.  Her husband's birthday is on the 23rd and I am gonna try my best to get them into her by tomorrow afternoon.  It's gonna be tough.  I have the 11x14 done and I like it, but I am still working on the two 5x7s which are a little more difficult because I've never worked that small with a portrait before.  I was just looking at the bigger portrait.. 

Ok, yes... I might have been admiring it, but not in a conceited way.  I was merely thinking about how far I have come along with my art.  I started thinking about the day when I was in about 7th grade and I drew a really good portrait of Johnny Depp.  Well... good for back then.  I remember, I was really shocked that I drew him so well.  

That just started me thinking about all the other things that I had drawn... little books I had started, or phases I went through drawing certain things...  I really really really wish that I had kept them.  I had thrown them away gradually with every occasional room cleaning.  Now looking back, if I were to change one thing about my past, it would be that. I would have collected all of my art work so I could look back, like I wish I could now, and see my artistic progression.

So... can you think of something that, looking back now, you seriously wish you hadn't thrown away?  Let's get some comments on here people!!! I wanna read about you!  It is NOT hard to comment if you don't have an account.  PLEASE :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I know that I had a post awhile ago that said I decided to keep this blog instead of having a tumblr, but my friend, Karis, convinced me to get one and try it again. I had one once, but I wasn't really motivated to figure it out because it was weird.  Anywaaayyyy, now I have one again, and it is so much fun!!!  It isn't super bloggy like blogspot.  It's more of a picture sharing kind of place.  There are some really funny stuff on there!  I have to start getting more involved with the gifs because those are usually the funny things about tumblr.  People will be commenting on something someone said or did, or a movie or whatever, and they will post their reaction to it via a gif.  The gifs are usually from a movie or show and the way they put it, its just so funny because it really clicks.