Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Start of 40 Days of Epic Awesomeness!!!!!!

     Tomorrow, my friends and I are going to start a diet/exercise regimen for 40 days to coincide with Chris Seay's book, A Place at the Table.  It's about solidarity with the poor from other countries.  We eat what they eat every day for 40 days which is rice, chicken, some fruit and only drink water.  
Me, Salina, and Lexi
     This is our "Before" pic.  We individually took "before" pics of ourselves so after our 40 days of hardcore working out, we will take them again, and another one like above, and be able to see a difference. I hope. And just in case we can't see it, we took our measurements. Gotta cover all the bases!!  

     I am definitely excited about it.  I just hope I stay disciplined and keep at it.  I want to go above and beyond and seriously get really well.  Wish me well!!


  1. Awww...let me know how goes it! I'm going to need something effective to fight all of the baby weight off by fall :) haha. You are really awesome! love you