Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here it comes again...

Once again, the time has come around when everyone around me is getting tattoos. I can feel myself being sucked into this craziness!!!!!!!!  I know what I want and where and I can afford it, but I must fight against it because if i give in I will no longer be able to afford college.  Quoted directly from my mother:  If you come home with a tattoo, you can say goodbye to any college money that we have given you.  GULP.  So.... You see the reason and ONLY reason for my resistance.  Well, not the only reason...I am afraid that if I get a tattoo where I can see it, I will go crazy because I won't be able to take it off.  It's PERMANENT.  AAAAHHHHH.  Haha :)  So no worries, Mom. I'ma fightin' hard!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Eh.... who needs a Valentine?  Not me.   I'll take single ANY DAY.  (ok.. that's a half truth, but we will go with it today.... lol)    So.... for all ya single ladies and gents.... S.A.D. is for you!!!!  Does anyone get the irony here??  Good.

Have a great day!!! :)

(this picture is meant to inspire.... if it depresses you.... join the club! HAHAHAHA)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fasting Valentines Day. Wait.. not fasting Valentines Day.... fasting AND Valentines Day.

     So, I went to a church service last night with a bunch of my friends after the basketball game.  It was a bit different than what I would have liked, but the pastor said some good things.  Then, at the end of the message, he challenged everyone, for 18 days (until the end of the month), that we pick just one thing to fast.  So, my friends Lexi, Salina, and myself, all chose to fast from Facebook.  Yes, it will probably kill us.  Lexi and I are also going to fast from any foods other than fruits, veggies, and wheat bread.  This is going to be interesting, but I'm guessing that I'll be losing some weight.  YAYYY :))))

     Now, the whole point of fasting, is to take whatever time that you had doing the thing that your fasting from, and giving it to God.  Spending that, now vacant, time, in prayer, reading the Word, worshipping Him, thinking, just anything that would glorify God. 

     This morning, from the moment I got up, I started talking to God.  I let my legs hang over my bed, and just lifted my arms to the ceiling and said "Ok God.  Today is Yours.  This is the day You have made.  Let me be able to make it Yours in what I say and do."  Then I threw on some clothes and walked to class.... (I forgot my bike across the campus... oops. lol)  I was early to class so I went and sat down on a bench and got my Bible and opened it to a verse that the previous night, my friend Shelby, had texted me. 

"You are beautiful, my darling, beautiful in everyway." ~ Song of Solomon 4:7

For awhile now, I have thought of everyone as being beautiful.  No matter gender, shape, form, color, not anything.  And just the other day in class, we were discussing a book that we were reading in class, and we were assigned to do chapter highlights.  The highlight that stood out to me said that people, when reading Song of Solomon, can interpret the words and verses literally, or allegorically.  Being such an intimate and passionate book, I'm sure you can figure out the literal meaning.  But then, if we read it allegorically, it would be interpreted as Jesus, as the groom, and the Church, or us, as the bride. 

     I thought it was quite coincidental that I had just been talking about Song of Solomon in a class, and then my friend sends me a verse from it.  So as I sat on the bench today, I opened my Bible up to the book and read the verse she gave me, and then also skimmed the chapters trying to see the allegory that I just mentioned.  Then, I found two verses.  These two verses are absolutely PERFECT for me right now.  So I kno that I was meant to read them. 

"You have captured my heart, my treasure, my bride...... Your love delights me, my treasure, my bride."  ~ Song of Solomon 4: 9a, 10a

Wow.  Absolutely amazing.  Read these two verses as if Jesus is speaking to YOU.  Because if you are a Christian, than you are the Church, you are the bride.  And THIS, is how Jesus truly feels about us.  He is delighted by our love.  WE.  His creation, God's creation, have captured His heart.  I was totally taken aback when I read this.  It just struck at my heart.  Valentine's Day is coming up in the next few days, and those of us who would rather call it Singles Awareness Day, don't have to call it that.  Because Jesus is our valentine.  He is completely in love with us, he knows us and loves us more than any one on the face of this earth could love.  HE deserves to be our Valentine.  He is the Ultimate Valentine.  He is our Prince.  Our love. 

   So... pretty much... this fast is starting off GREAT :D 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ok, Mom, write this down and save it.

     Yesterday, when I had some free time, I decided that I really REALLY needed to clean my side of the dorm.  My roommate isn't there alot so her side is pristine. Mine definitely is not.  My desk is piled high with books, papers, pens, and a whole lot of other junk.  It would be clean if I had a working computer that I could set it on, but I don't. So right now its a miscellaneous junk hotspot! 

     Ok, the reason for my post?  I just want to tell the world how awesome my mom and dad are :))

     I was cleaning out the underside of my bed, and I noticed all the boxes that I have filled with magazines, I see on my desk a bunch of envelopes that once held a bunch of goodies, etc etc.... then I realized that I probably have the greatest parents alive.  And I really take them for granted alot too... And that makes me sad.  They have probably sent me more care packages and letters and other stuff than any other kids parents here.  And I LOVE it :) 

     It feels so weird to look back to a few years ago and think about how I felt about them and what I thought about how they did things, then I think about it now and my feelings about it all, and I'm like "DANG!!  They ARE smart!!!  WHaaaaatt??"  Like seriously. It is so cool.  I love them to absolute death :) 

     See, People???????  College DOES warp your mind!!!! Hahaha :)