Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick lil post for prayer

         Well, tomorrow is Saturday.  Then the next day is Sunday... which means that I'll be preaching in what Highland (the church I work at) calls Hot Church. It is a Sunday morning service for middle and high schoolers.  I had 4 days to prepare it. Tomorrow is the last day and I'm still writing.  I know I'll get it done in time. I've never turned in a paper late.  Ok that's totally a lie, but uh... ON A DIFFERENT NOTE:  I'm nervous!  This will actually be the first time that I actually meet the youth so I'm pretty much feelin' the pressure to make a good impression. If I fail, I at least know that Jesus and my mother will still love me. 

         So, I would seriously appreciate the prayers for my preparation and delivery. If I am able to, the sermon should be recorded and hopefully I'll be able to post it on here.  Then again, I might not because, as we all know, everyone hates the sound of their voice and the look of themselves on tape. But I will put up a summary of what I talk about when I get time.  

Thanks again for the prayers!!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let me just brag for a bit

         I'll be the very first to admit that I, Kelli Stephens, was a difficult child.  There, Mom, I said it. Haha!  Anyway, the best part about it was my parents.  Through the ridiculous rebellion, numerous silent treatments (from me), the grounding periods that sometimes went for months on end (which I totally deserved, I might add), and my famous, undying trait of epic stubbornness, there was one thing that never changed: my parents love for me.  I know all ya'll are gonna try to say that your parents were the best, but I'm here to tell you that this post was written SPECIFICALLY to state otherwise.

My parents are more prodigiously magnanimous, than yours could ever have the sanguinity of having the ministration of being.

         Let me know when ya got that figured out ;)  And I'm just messin' with you.  It's just what I believe and I know we will never agree. Let's just do the civil thing and agree to agree with me. THANKSSSSSS

         Back to bragging about my parental units.  They have been through everything with me since months before they even adopted me!  I know without a shadow of a doubt that God knew what He was doing when He placed  me with them.  
My mom has been a constant source of honesty and has helped me stay grounded and responsible. She is such a paradigm of strength for me and I know it is because of her that I am as strong as I am. She's got big biceps, too. Hahah just kidding. I know I took it as nagging and pure annoyance when I was a teen, I'm here to tell you that I would not be where I am right now if it wasn't for all the stress and tears you put into me, Mom.  I love you so so much. 

My dad has been the one that has encouraged me to pursue my ministry when I got my call when I was 16.  He has set such an incredible example of humbleness and biblical living that I hope that I can exemplify it in my life.  Even though I've gotten more bible schooling that he did, he is far more wise than I will probably ever be, and I promise you, I'll still be calling you when I need help with a sermon. I love you, Daddy.

         It is really pretty amazing how your feelings changed towards your parents as you get older.  They go from being brutal prison guards in your mind as a teen, to having the likeness of Dumbledore (by being so wise, not having long, wiry, wizardy beards) when you are an adult.  

         So, like I said above (go read it again if you want), my parents are the best, and I love them both more than any other two people on earth. The end. 



Monday, May 27, 2013


         I don't care how old you are, women want romance.  I want romance. I would DIE for romance.  Jesus died for romance. Ever thought of that??  I'll blog about that one later...

         But anyway, I remember when my friend Karis and I watched Pride and Prejudice.  Throughout the entire movie the room was filled with sighs of wonder, wistfulness, and awe.

         If I could pick ANY time period to be romanced in, it would be that one.  Nowadays romance is dirtied.  People go on a million dates and no one is the wiser... Where is the pursuance?   It seems like men these days don't want to take the time or effort to really pursue a girl.  They don't want to take the time and fall in love. It's all about instant gratification. And that makes me so sad...  God created love to be slow burning. That doesn't mean that it would be cold, because something burning is still hot.  It's suppose to develop over time and experience. Newlyweds don't know ANYTHING about love. (That's what my mom said) I think courtship is one of the best ways to learn about each other, know how you feel, and maybe even fall in love.  The way we do things now, we have zero time to do that.  Men and women, girls and boys, when they are 'dating' they spend almost every waking moment together and that gives you no room to think by yourself and find out how you really feel. 

       The beginning of this past school year I met a guy and I tripped over myself every time I was with him or saw him look at me or smile at me.  Then I found out he liked me and it seemed to be the greatest thing I had ever experienced up to that point in my life.  I set my sights completely on this guy because for some reason, I had convinced myself that he was The One, that he was too perfect not to be.  Everything was going great, not quite what I had imagined my amazing romance to go, but still really great.  Then I started reading the book Crazy Love.  If you go to this link, you can read my post about how this book really struck my heart.

         Anyway, I read that book, and it woke me up like nothing ever had before.  I saw that what I thought was the greatest thing ever, was really nothing at all except a pathetic excuse for a friendship, let alone a romance or dreamy courtship.  It was hard to run from the guy and the relationship there (or lack thereof), but I knew it was right because it was not truly fulfilling, it was not honoring God, and it wasn't anywhere near what I knew I deserved.

     Here's the good part...  Once I got out of that blinding situation, I finally refocused my vision on the One that is most important.  I found my love again for God, and because of that, I opened up myself to more people and friendships, particularly the friendship of an amazing guy named John. And let's just say... he turned out to be quite the romantic one himself ;)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Interning for the summer

         My junior year of college ended about a month ago. This means I am a college senior.  This also means that I am freaking out!  I am one year closer to being an Adult Adult.  Not just an adult.  We're talkin' the Big Leagues.  I am a nervous wreck!!  
         The summer between my sophomore year and junior year of high school, I was called into the ministry.  I didn't know what kind, and to be honest, I am still not exactly sure.  This past semester, I really felt God pulling me a certain direction and because of that, a door was opened for me through Intern Academy to do an internship.  The church that was chosen for me to go to was Highland Park Community Church of God in Casper, Wyoming.
This is the main entrance to Highland

Big ol' Sanctuary
         Interns get placed with a host family to live with for the next 10 weeks, and I was blessed enough to be welcomed into the home of Harold and Veronica Bradshaw, who just so happen to be the youth pastors for the church.  They are incredible people and their faith is so evident in their lives.  I am really hoping to get to know them a lot better over this summer.
         There are two other interns besides me.  Drew is from Florida and will be going to school with me next year. Victoria lives here in Casper and Highland is actually her home church.  I've met both of them and they are cool (so far) ;) Drew and I have already been told that we could be brother and sister. Well, he is 19 so at least I'm still the oldest. 
         My first impression of Casper was awe.  The only word that I think that could describe it would be: vast.  It is really flat, but still has a ton of hills, and mountains of course.  But you can see everything for miles on end.  This is a picture of Casper
 Isn't it gorgeous? It looks like an unbelievable backdrop.  Those mountains in the distance are actually right outside my bedroom window.  God is a little artsy don't ya think? 

         Anyway, today Drew and I met a few of the teens from the youth and they were pretty awesome to say the least.  God is with me and I am so pumped for what He has in store. He has already shown me a few things and it's only the end of day 3.

         Hopefully I'll be able to keep up this blog because not only do I want anyone who reads it to be as blessed as I know I will be through all of this, but I would also just love to have it to look back on and remember.  So, if you are reading this, you just got bamboozled into praying for me and this internship, and for God's work in me! I would greatly appreciate it.