Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick lil post for prayer

         Well, tomorrow is Saturday.  Then the next day is Sunday... which means that I'll be preaching in what Highland (the church I work at) calls Hot Church. It is a Sunday morning service for middle and high schoolers.  I had 4 days to prepare it. Tomorrow is the last day and I'm still writing.  I know I'll get it done in time. I've never turned in a paper late.  Ok that's totally a lie, but uh... ON A DIFFERENT NOTE:  I'm nervous!  This will actually be the first time that I actually meet the youth so I'm pretty much feelin' the pressure to make a good impression. If I fail, I at least know that Jesus and my mother will still love me. 

         So, I would seriously appreciate the prayers for my preparation and delivery. If I am able to, the sermon should be recorded and hopefully I'll be able to post it on here.  Then again, I might not because, as we all know, everyone hates the sound of their voice and the look of themselves on tape. But I will put up a summary of what I talk about when I get time.  

Thanks again for the prayers!!


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  1. Yep you are right...Jesus and me will love you no matter what. But I don't believe there will be a problem. I have faith kn you and more importantly I have faith in God. He will see you through as you rely on Him.

    You know I'll be praying.