Monday, February 7, 2011

Ok, Mom, write this down and save it.

     Yesterday, when I had some free time, I decided that I really REALLY needed to clean my side of the dorm.  My roommate isn't there alot so her side is pristine. Mine definitely is not.  My desk is piled high with books, papers, pens, and a whole lot of other junk.  It would be clean if I had a working computer that I could set it on, but I don't. So right now its a miscellaneous junk hotspot! 

     Ok, the reason for my post?  I just want to tell the world how awesome my mom and dad are :))

     I was cleaning out the underside of my bed, and I noticed all the boxes that I have filled with magazines, I see on my desk a bunch of envelopes that once held a bunch of goodies, etc etc.... then I realized that I probably have the greatest parents alive.  And I really take them for granted alot too... And that makes me sad.  They have probably sent me more care packages and letters and other stuff than any other kids parents here.  And I LOVE it :) 

     It feels so weird to look back to a few years ago and think about how I felt about them and what I thought about how they did things, then I think about it now and my feelings about it all, and I'm like "DANG!!  They ARE smart!!!  WHaaaaatt??"  Like seriously. It is so cool.  I love them to absolute death :) 

     See, People???????  College DOES warp your mind!!!! Hahaha :)


  1. Thanks sweetie!

    Guess what, we're beginning to realize you can handle a lot more things than we ever thought you could too. You're pretty amazing yourself!

    I guess it's just a learning and growing process for all of us.

  2. Good for you Kelli, you are a pretty amazing girl!

  3. I won't say "I told you so!" :)

    - shmily

  4. Awwww...sounds like you have wonderful parents! I wish I still got care packages. ;-)