Wednesday, January 19, 2011


OMGOSSHHHH!!!! I seriously can't handle this any longer.  I need a computer right this instant!!! I am ok with coming to the library every once in awhile, but it gets old really quick.  I want to have a computer that I can sit in my room with and do whatever.  I have sooo much artwork that I need to scan and post onto my art blog, and then I have pictures from winter break that I also want to post on here. Readers like to look at pictures. And I don't have any means by which to post them!!!!!!!!!!! GAAHHHHHHHHH 

So... I guess I will be looking for some extra cash that may be lyin' around.... I reallllllyyy want a Macbook.  They are way more reliable that stupid PCs.... Thats for dang sure.  But.... they are definitely very pricey.  My roommate got her Macbook from Craigslist for about $700. Which Is about $200 to $300 less than a new one. And she said that when she got it over Christmas break that it was only 3 months old.  But then, when does that mean anything??  My computer, I bought was $200 and it was only 3 months old.... and do you see it up and runnin??? Nope. It is sitting in a soon-to-be dusty corner in my dorm... and the sad thing?  I tend to get attached to my things.  I really liked that computer.  It was the first computer that I bought and owned by myself.  But, trust me, I won't mind in the least if I can get a new computer that WORKS!  Geez.  If you can imagine, this is me right now:

Yeah.  'Cept add a few years on and maybe not the pig tails.... For real....

  Now I am going to go and watch some sexy men play basketball :D

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