Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I know that I had a post awhile ago that said I decided to keep this blog instead of having a tumblr, but my friend, Karis, convinced me to get one and try it again. I had one once, but I wasn't really motivated to figure it out because it was weird.  Anywaaayyyy, now I have one again, and it is so much fun!!!  It isn't super bloggy like blogspot.  It's more of a picture sharing kind of place.  There are some really funny stuff on there!  I have to start getting more involved with the gifs because those are usually the funny things about tumblr.  People will be commenting on something someone said or did, or a movie or whatever, and they will post their reaction to it via a gif.  The gifs are usually from a movie or show and the way they put it, its just so funny because it really clicks. 


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