Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturday is gonna be UHHMAZINGG

           As most of you are Facebook friends with me,  you've probably seen that I posted about getting to finally do The Color Run.  I have had this on my bucket list for about 3 years now and I finally get to check it off TOMORROW!!!!    The above picture is a picture taken from one of the runs in one of the hundreds of big cities that The Color Run visits every year.  Here is a link to a video to see more about it:   The Color Run

           One of the things you have to do is wear white. I don't have white pants or shorts precisely because I cannot ever seem to keep them white for more than a week.  Ok, that's a lie.  I do have one pair of white shorts.... but now they are more of an off whte/grey.  LIKE I SAID.  Anyway, I'll just be wearing a pair of workout pants.  

           So here is the thing I'm most excited about.  I only brought one pair of running shoes with me, and they are my favorite: Nike Dual Fusion, Neon blue and yellow.  LOVE THEM!!!  And there is no way on earth I'm wearing them during the color fiasco.  I'd never see the color again! Well, I probably would because the color is just made of colored corn starch and it washes mostly off, but I don't want to risk it with my Nikes.  I figured I'd just go to Wal-Mart or clearance from another store and find a cheap pair of tennis shoes to wear.  So today I went to the mall and went into literally every store that had shoes.  Nothing. Too expensive or too ugly. And heck yes I'm gonna be picky, yeah even with cheap shoes.  Good thing too!  My last store I went into was JcPenny's.  I have gotten several pairs of shoes there and gotten good deals.  So I went to their shoe section and started searching.  I found a couple, but they were $50 +  so then I remembered that I had two old giftcards from the store, and by old I mean at least 4 years or older.  I know they are that old because they are the same two giftcards I've been switching between purses and wallets for years. Hahaha.  Anyway, so I go and ask them if they could tell me how much is on each and I figure its probably like a dollar or two on them.  They have to call some place to figure it out because the cards are so old they are showing up as unactivated on their registers. (oops. lol)  As they are making the calls and doing whatever it is that they do, I walk over to a clearance section.  They have 12 pairs of the same Nike shoe.  Black and pink.  Uhhh I'm not a fan of pink, but since it's clearance, I check.  People, this shoe should not have been on clearance.  In my opinion, clearance is 50% or higher off.  This shoe was originally $70 and they were selling it for $60.  Gee. Thank you so much.  I literally shook my head and put the box back on the shelf and walked around the stand again. Then I saw one New Balance box.  I walk over, and it's my size, and they are running shoes.  And what do you know??  They are on sale for $26!  Now THAT'S more like it.  I try them on and they feel good and by now the ladies at the counter figured out what I had left on the cards. $12!!!!  So they give me a replacement card with the total on it, and I decide to get the shoes.  When they ring the shoes up, they come up for $6 less than priced!  So the shoes are now $20 and I have a $12 giftcard. I ended up paying $8 for a pair of awesome New Balance shoes.  

Drum roll please.........................................................

My new shoes!

Since they were only $8 and they are dark, I'll be wearing these to the run.  Hopefully Ill take plenty of pictures there so I can post them on here!!!  Wooo!!

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  1. Way-to-go- Kelli! Have a good time running. :)