Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day out

You know what I really hate?  I hate thinking it is one day and getting excited because on that one day you can do a particular something, so after you get all worked up about getting to do this one something... it hits you. Today isn't that day you thought it was, therefore you can no longer to that something because of the one day that it actually is.  Ya. You know what I'm talking about.

I thought today was Saturday so I thought that while I was out with my foster sister, of whom I haven't seen since last summer, I could go to the Flea Market, which I have never been, to look for a certain wallet that I know is there, which I need very badly.  But today is actually only Tuesday, so as you can see, I have awhile to wait. Ugh :(

Anyway, back to my beautiful foster sister, Carolyn. I am hanging out with her for the day, seeing as I only have about 8 more days before I leave for college.  I think we are going putt putting.  SO FUNNN!!! Ok! Gotta go!!

I'm the one on the left, my blood sister is next, then Carolyn (the girl I'm hangin with today, and I have no clue about that other girl.


  1. you know... it kind of looks like you're poking girl 3 in the face with that rake.


    I made one because I saw yours and decided to experiment.

  2. Haha thanks girl!!!! (and that's kinda what i was tryin to do...) lol