Sunday, August 15, 2010


So pretty much the greatest show to ever make it onto the television was Alias.  OMG!!!!  I loved this show so much.  I remember, when I was alot younger, when my dad and I would sit down in the living room and wait for Alias to come on.  I would get so hyper during the week just waiting for that day.  To this day, the main character, Jennifer Garner is still my favorite actress.

Anyway, my point is that all this past week I have sat on my bed with my laptop and have watched the rest of the season.  My sister and I had gotten my dad a new season each year for Christmas, and we had sat down to watch it for two summers but we never got to finish it.  I figured that before I headed off to college I would try to finish the series and see how it ended.  I had forgotten how much I really loved the show, but I figured it out pretty quick because I couldn't stop watching it. I would practically die between switching the discs!  I even stayed up till 4 one night. Lol.

I just love the entire ongoing theme of the show: Rambaldi.  According to the show Milo Rambaldi was an inventor from over 100 years ago except the inventions that he described in his manuscript were scientific inventions that were several years advanced to what was already in the current science world.  The bad guys all wanted Rambaldi artifacts and the good guys had to protect them or try to get rid of them because the artifacts would eventually lead to world destruction.  It may sound lame to some people, but all the characters were magnificently rounded and I fell in love with everyone, and I even felt bad for the super evil dude!!  (Now that is a good show)

So for all of you who read this, what is your favorite show of all time? It can be a current show, or an old show that ended or got canceled or anything. Tell me why too!! :-)