Tuesday, August 10, 2010



I finally got my roommate assignments envelope today in the mail.  This morning we were leaving for Columbus to do some shopping, and we got the mail as we pulled out our drive.  As soon as I saw my dad reaching into the mailbox, I was like "PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEAASSSEE!!!!"  
And lo and behold, there it was :)
I opened it up and saw my future for the next year:

 Amber :)

                                                 Emily :)

So... basically, the first thing I did was text them both!!  (Duh. Like I could hold it in any longer? No way.)

Emily texted me back first and I told her who I was. Then she told me that she wouldn't actually room with the Amber and I until the second semester because she was doing the college program called HEART. It is an acronym for something... lol, but my memory has failed me as to what exactly that is. Anyway, it is a hardcore missionary training program where students, for a whole semester, live in the woods and learn to survive in the wild basically.  It is so amazing.  

Amber never texted me :( Not until the end of the day at least.  It was around 8:30 or 9 pm when we stopped at a MacDonald's on the way home (they have free wi-fi), and so I used my itouch to find Amber and add her to Facebook because she wasn't replying to my messages.  While we were still there she accepted my request and from then she figured out that they gave me her home phone number instead of her cell. So, we have been talking every since.

I think I got really lucky with my roommates.  I trust that God knows me pretty well to know who I will be good with. :) 

Emily and her boyfriend have started a little non-profit business called Sowing Love Ministries.  Their webstore is http://sowingloveministries.bigcartel.com Please check it out if you love hemp!!!! I want to help them grow for sure!! :)

Amber and I have only been talking about an hour so I am still learning a little bit about her. She is 5 '9!! Haha. Way taller than I am.  She raises lambs and shows them I think... at fairs? I'm not sure.

They are both so freaking gorgeous.  I cannot wait to get to know them better. I hope we can become really good friends...

I am envious of Amber because on Facebook, it looks like she has a best friend.  That is really awesome.  I'm glad that people can have best friends.  Although, I have never had a best friend :( But I am hoping that in college I will get one or two... or three.... or maybe seven :D 

Well, I know a few things so far... I have talked to Amber a lot longer than Emily.  I believe I might have found a kindred spirit. Haha :) Altho, looking at her pics on facebook, and seeing her with her best friend is a bit intimidating :/ 
And then, Emily. I think we will get along great as well because she is very super creative with her and her boyfriends website organization thing.  Plus, we have alot in common. She reminds me of my old best friend, Bekah :)

Whelp, that's it for now!!!



  1. Hi Kelli
    I hope you don't mind me checking out your blog. I came over from your Mom's blog to say "hi". This must be such an exciting time for you. Glad you are getting to know your room-mates. I look forward to following your college journey if that's ok.
    Best Wishes

  2. Glad you are getting aquainted with your roommates..hope you really do become best friends. (gona miss seeing you every Sunday)

  3. Lindsay, OF COURSE I am ok with it!! I want to get as many followers as I can! I look forward to college life and letting everyone I know and love how things are going and about my experiences. good or bad. lol. Like... Probably when I walk into the wrong class and get super embarrassed!! lol