Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ECHO!!! echo!! echo! echo.......

I will tell you right now, this summer has flown by faster than I could say "YAY!!! I'm finally FREE!!" Which is starting to feel not as good as I originally thought.  Of course I won't miss my parents, or my sister, or my house or room!  But as you read previously, you can tell that was a bunch of hogwash!  I will miss my room alot.... my parents too (yeah, yeah whatever. At least I admitted to it!!)  My sister? Naw.  I can't miss somebody who is only going to miss my stuff. (It's true. Just ask her.)

This is the last night that I am going to be sleeping in my room.  When I get back, it's not going to be mine anymore :(  I killed my room, but it was a needed sacrifice to keep it from dying in the hands of my evil sister.  I took some before and after pictures.  And if you aren't depressed at all afterward, smack yourself. For real.

Yeah... depressing. ugh. I feel like somebody died... oh wait. That was my room and I and our relationship.... Oh, and those stains on the carpet?? I've been putting those there since I was 5!  What can I say? I'm good at leaving a mark ;-)  The walls were once filled with awesomeness.  Now the barrenness of the room is overwhelmingly melancholy.... Ew.  Well, one things for sure. When I move into my room at Warner, if I don't end up scaring the roomie away, I will make a new room my friend :D  How exciting is that!!!!?????

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