Thursday, August 5, 2010

Patience is NOT one of my virtues....

I have waited till I can hardly bare to wait any longer.

Yeah.  That's my angry face.  UGH!! It's seriously bugging me!!! I started out thinking that at Warner, the girls dorms only had to be shared by two girls, but when I went down to visit a few weeks ago I found out that it's shared by THREE girls.  Oh geez. I don't think I'll be able to handle it.  Despite the fact that I happen to be a girl, does nothing for the fact that I usually really don't like the female gender.  I was just getting used to having to live with one other girl and I was starting to like the idea, when low-and-behold I gotta share with ANOTHER flippin girl.  Great. It's gonna be awesome.

For this reason, I must find out sooner than later who they are.  This way, I can warm up to them. Or warm up my sarcastic and sardonic ammunition that usually turns people off.  Haha I'm just kiddin.  Kind of.  No seriously, I am.  (Don't be scared, future-roomy-who-may-be-but-probably-isn't-reading-this!!!)

Anyway, back to my topic.  The roommate assignments were supposed to go out the 1st of August, which happens to be a Sunday. So, of course they probably sent them out today.  Which means that I should get the letter Wednesday or Thursday, but will probably get it next week. GAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Just sometime this week. *looking heavenward* That's all I ask, Sir.

(fingers crossed)


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