Thursday, August 5, 2010

20 days and Counting. Can it take any longer????

Ok, like the title obviously states, I have 20 days left still and that's not counting today.  What am I counting down to you may ask?  Well, I am counting down the days till I leave good ol' Ohio for the sweet, sweet Canaan land of Florida.  Sigh... Can't you just see it?
Yup... that looks just about right... just throw in some friends, some music, and lotsa food and I'm set. Who cares that I'm going there for school?! 
Yeah :( I know. It's a real downer isn't it. Of course my parents care, and my grandparents, and my other too-smart-for-their-own-good friends care. Ugh. I suppose I have to care, too. Whatever.  The dream looks nice though doesn't it.... :)  Maybe I will get lucky and have a weekend here and there where I can step into my dream. 

(fingers crossed)


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