Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So... at Warner University right now, it is RUSH week, and what that means is that the colleges 4 social clubs: Camarada (girls) and their brother club Dativus , then there is L'amifidel (girls) and their brother club Novus Dux have a full week to recruit new members.  After much conflict and debate, I decided to "rush" or try out/ join Camarada.  It is some hard core stuff, but I really like it alot.  I think I will love my sister rushees very soon!!!

Now when I say hardcore... I'm talkin' friggin bootcamp.  Like fo shizniz.  Every muscle in my body is screaming at me every time I breathe. It is ridiculous.  And today, I did something that I absolutely LOVE and hadn't done in forever.  People were impressed ;-)

I can't give any details to anything that we did because it is an oath we all took when we started rush, that is, not to say a word to anyone about the goings on of Camarada rush. 

OMG!!!! It burns so gooooooddd!!  Speaking of which, I am thinking about starting to exercise and work out and stuff, and my dorm mom, Faith and one of my future Camarada sisters, Mindy, both go to a kickboxing class and asked me if I wanted to join them... I am seriously thinking about it, but it all depends on how much money it costs because I don't have a job yet... AND I'M PRAYIN FOR ONNNNEEE

OKKK. I need to go to bed. Lol. I have an 8 o'clock class tomorrow, one which I slept straight through my alarm for it on Tuesday... whoopies :P

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  1. Hi Kelli
    Great to catch up with your news. Good luck with Camarada. All this stuff is alien to us english! It does sound fun. Hope you are having a great weekend.