Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the winner is......

Well, I tried Tumblr.... and I couldn't even figure out how to post anything!  Blogspot is much more appealing for me... I just wish people realized that even though they don't have a blog, they can still comment.  It helps me to know that whatever I say means something to them, or that someone is hearing what I say or like what I say. 

I shall continue to post from here, and even though I say it all the time, I hope to post more often... So lend a hand, PEOPLE!!!  Let me know you are listening!!

Thank you much :)


  1. You know I am too. I know, I know. Mom's don't count. haha

  2. i read it :D i love reading your blogs. haha. glad you didn't get a tumblr. i thought about getting a blog too but i'm not sure how often i would use it. what do you think?? -carolyn

    1. HAhaha actually, now that you mention it, I did just get a tumblr. BUTTTTT it isn't like... blog-esque.... you kno? its for like picture sharing and funny stuff about people and movies and stuffffff. Ill still use this but I'm just soo busy!