Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's go to the lake!!!

Today is Saturday, hence, the boredom and the decision to journey to a lake. We had fun!  Starting out, our plan was to walk across the highway to the lake that was on the other side, but when we did, we discovered that there was no where to hang out because of all the private property and swamps. Who wants to hang out in a swamp when a Lake-Placid-sized creature could be lurking in the murky waters??? Not me.  That's when we turned around and walked back to get Amber's car so we could drive to an actual park that had a dock and everything right on this big lake.  We all piled in the car and headed there, took a few wrong turns, but thankfully Liz got us there, and Amber didn't kill us. (No offense, girl ;-) ) We got out and the girls sat on the bench while Matt and Brian played with the Frisbee.  They were attempting some pretty tricky throws and epically failed many times. lol. Brian and I took a walk down to the dock hoping to see some gators, but no luck, just a really bad jet skier.... not that I could have even attempted to be better. There is no way I would even get in the water! Anyway, here is some pics of our day:
Loverly scenery :) (Thanks Brad)

I think he was pretending to... um.... well.... I'm actually not sure. Haha
Heck yeah to action shots!!! Same with Brian's on the bottim right.  Haha,

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