Monday, November 1, 2010

Britney Spears

So... I haven't told many people about this. Actually, I only recently said it aloud in my College Experience class.  We had an assignment to make a Bucket List for our lives.  I have always wanted to make one so I actually had FUN with homework!! lol. Anyway, so on my Bucket List, the very last item on the paper, I wrote down, "Witness to Britney Spears".

Now, I am not sure when my desire to witness to her started.  I know it was when I was wayy younger, probably when I heard her songs on my bus when I was in 2nd grade. Maybe sometime after that.  I had always imagined sitting down with her on a talk show, or some where personal and telling her how much Jesus loves her no matter what she has ever done, because it is SO true.  I pray that God gives me the opportunity, or somehow puts someone in her life that won't use her, but tell her about the One who made her, loves her, and will NEVER give up on her like so many others have.

Now, in my College Experience class, while I was reading my list out loud, when I came to the last one, my teacher was like "WHAATTT?? OMG! I have to tell you something after class!"
So, after class I went up to her and she proceeded to tell me that I had the same exact passion as she did!! I was pretty shocked to hear someone shared my simultaneous love of Britney and my concern for her soul.  It is amazing to know that someone shares such a passion as something like that with me :)

But on the other hand, its sad that not so many people are public about their concern for the souls of so many of the celebrities out there who are leading lives that are simply disastrous to themselves and their well-being....  that they are consumed with alcohol, greed, fame, vanity, and simply the loss of their true identities among all the things that fans and agents want them to be....

Can someone tell me how this:

 And this:
 Started out as this?:
I'll tell you.... sin.  Not exactly pure or simple, but you know what I mean.  The world thirsts for vulgarity. Whether they label it as that or not, they still do.  Sex, sex, sex.  Money, money, money. Exploitation, desperation, search for satisfaction.  So many things lead to those points... the points where Britney Spears and so many other millions of people find themselves now.

We all start out with souls that look pure and innocent and un-compromised.  Then, as we grow, we become greedy.  We want anything and everything that will satisfy us, or at least what we THINK will satisfy us...

I dont know how to live without your love
I was born to make you happy
Cause you're the only one within my heart
I was born to make you happy
Always and forever
you and me
Thats the way our life should be
I dont know how to live without your love
I was born to make you happy

 This song is from Britney's first album Baby One More Time.  It is the chorus to the song Born to Make You Happy.  So you see, even from the very earliest stages of her career, Britney's mindset was configured.  For some reason, the world thinks that celebrities were born to make us happy, when in reality, they are people themselves. GASP. I know right???  Well, they are.  Their true value doesn't depend on how good they sing, act, or play a sport or instrument.  Their true value lies in Jesus Christ.  And their goal in life should be to make Christ happy.  Not us. We are not the ones that should be made happy.  What right do we have to completely take over someone's life like how people have taken over Britney's?  We don't have any right.

So, I pray right now, Jesus, I ask you, please.  Bless Britney with your love. Show her everything that you are.  Provide for her someone that will actually tell her the Truth about herself, and about You.  I know that under all of her family problems, under every drop of make-up, every song lyric, there is still that innocent girl crying out for someone to love her for who she is inside, and not for what she does or who she tries to be for everyone else.  Lord, I just pray that you will protect her from herself.  Show her that what she is doing is not right, it isn't what she was made for. Let those persons who you will provide for her, to be strong, because she will be hard-pressed to turn away from her lifestyle after living like that for so long.  Give her strength to fight her fears and for her soul to see You.  In Your awesome name I pray :)


  1. Excellent post, Kelli!

    I have often thought the same about Britney. I hope that one of us gets the chance!

    I think Miley Cyrus needs the same prayer, too.


  2. Wow You really pin pionted this. I love what you said about how celebs are'nt here to make us happy and that they are truly people themselves. I think people loose thought of that and honestly we need more people like you and Faith out there to have concerns for them. I have always loved Britney but I have never really thought about how lost she is. Her and another one is Jessica Simpson. She actually was raised in a Christain home but unfortunately in the line of business they are both in its hard to get far and "big" unless you are sexy and sacandalis (or how ever you spell it lol). But just think about it, if there are this many celebs who are lost I cant even amagine how many people we dont hear about who are lost as well because they are influenced by these people who are lost themselves. We all, as children of God need to pray for oppertunities from God so we can reach out to these many lost souls. We all need to come together and pray for God's guidance so we can reach out to them and maybe even help them find their way to or back to God!!! I will be [raying with you girl and I know God will use you in big ways. It might not be to reach out to Britney, or other celebs, but it might be. God works in mysterious ways so keep praying and He will lead you!!!

    Awesome post btw!!!

  3. This was touching. Really. At first, I'll admit, I did giggle a little bit . . . but then I realized how right you are. What if you took all that passion and conviction you have for her, though, and directed it towards the person standing next to you in the lunch room or sitting next to you in class or maybe that someone who you have known for years but have never had the courage to witness to? I think it's awesome that you have this on your Bucket List. But don't forget about all the Britney's wandering aimlessly around your campus - some of them are just as desperate; they are just not as noticeable. <3 shmily

  4. So excellent. You have a lot of wisdom for such a young age.

  5. Hi Kelli! Oh the comment by "Anonymous" is perfect. As a middle school teacher, I see this shift so early in the teen years. There is so much pressure to fit in, to be popular and to be successful ~
    I can not imagine going through this in front of the world.
    Lindsey Lohan is another one. How tragic.
    Let us pray for these women, that they find the never disappointing love of God in their lives.
    Bless your heart Kelli ~

  6. first of all, I think it speaks VOLUMES that that was on your heart to even want to witness to her... but yep, she's a human too & who doesnt need Jesus?

    What an amazing witness you just became to many others as well!!!

  7. Kelli, what a beautiful-heartfelt prayer for Britney (& others) proud of you girl! (oops, pride is a sin, right?)

  8. What a wonderful post! This is my first time visiting from your mom's blog and I'm so glad I came over. I'll pray that somehow you get the opportunity to witness to her. Crazier things have happened, and we serve a God who likes to do the impossible. Prayers for you!

  9. What a wonderful post! And a wonderful witness to everyone! Keep your vision, who knows stranger things have happened. And I agree her along with loads of others need our prayers. Thanks for sharing!
    until next time... nel

  10. Awesome post and so very true. It's sad to see what beautiful teen girls are doing just to fit in or to be popular.