Friday, May 27, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

     I have been feeling extremely artsy lately, but unfortunately I left almost all of my art supplies in Florida in a storage unit.  I finally finished my last commissioned portrait for one of my friends in Florida, so now all I have left to do is send it to him in the mail.

     I have been posting a lot of some of my old poetry on my art blog and it's inspired me to start writing a bit more. I haven't written poetry in a long time. (But it's not like I haven't had anything to write about... stupid boys.... stupid things that don't work out... or just writing about something that I am passionate about....)  So if you like poetry, go on over and check it out!

     I keep having the urge to paint something... anything... but when it comes to painting, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Well, I guess when it comes to any art I am a perfectionist, but with painting, I always have to have the perfect subject, and have it drawn out and just be awesome.  Unfortunately, sometimes I think that I don't have the patience to actually sit down and do a wonderfully detailed inspiring piece or work.  Oh well, I have to try sometime right??

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