Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flea Markets are BOSS

Over this spring break, (last week) Karis and I went to the flea market and dude, I got some nifty treasures. Check em OUTTTTTT:

 I collect little figurines like these. I have a whole box full of them at home.  I almost peed my pants in excitement when I saw these.  They were in a little bin and an old lady came over to me and told me that whatever was in the bin was a quarter each.  OH YEAAAHH.

 So I proceeded to dig through the box picking out all the ones I could find that I wanted.  It was AWESOME.
This set of silverware, I almost walked past, but they were too awesome looking.  I told Karis that if they were anymore than $5 I wouldn't buy them.  I then found the lady whose table we were at, and... she said she'd sell for $4.  Ok lady. Ya got me. SOLD!  Hahah.

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