Thursday, January 9, 2014

Taking Care

My last post was about a resolution to help boost people's self-confidence and self-esteem.  I listed a few things to help do that.  This post is going to be about taking care of your OWN self- confidence and self-esteem.  If you feel good about yourself, you can be contagious in helping others feel good about themselves too!  Isn't it true that when you are around people who are in good moods, that they tend to boost your own mood?  Confidence is the same way.  

I want to share how I have been working on boosting my self-esteem and confidence on the physical level. I think that if you can feel good in your own skin, you are taking a HUGE step higher in confidence. 

There are BILLIONS of products out in the world that aim to improve your appearance and all you have to do is google "ridiculous beauty products" and you'll see how crazy people get!  The products I'm gonna post aren't expensive and they have all worked for me better than I expected.

I love wearing makeup, but I am also a strong supporter of going as natural as you are comfortable with.  These products have all helped me to become more comfortable with my skin without a heavy foundation or really without a lot of makeup at all, and have gotten me to really enjoy wearing my hair down, because as most people who know me know, I will put my hair up into a bun or ponytail as soon as I get annoyed. 

Here we go! :)


This first product ^^^ is by Mary Kay.  It is an everyday cleansing system for acne-prone skin.  There is a cleansing gel (step 1), a toner (step 2), a moisturizer (step 3), and an acne treatment gel (for sudden those sudden blemishes that you need to get rid of).  I LOVE this product set!  It's so easy to use and my skin feels and looks fantastic after every use.  If you are interested, and you live in Ohio around the Middletown, Dayton area and you don't have a Mary Kay Consultant, my friend Megan is one and I'm sure would love to have new clients!  Click HERE for the link to her Mary Kay page to order if you are interested! 

This next product is also Mary Kay.  It is an oil-free, eye make-up remover.  All the years I've been wearing make-up (since I was 14) I've never used a make-up remover. I rarely washed my face before bed. I'd usually just go to bed with it still on and if there were some still on in the morning, I'd scrub it off with a paper towel.  My Mary Kay consultant was having a sale and so I decided to go ahead and try it.  HOLY CRAP! WHERE HAS THIS STUFF BEEN ALL MY LIFE???  If I wear eye make-up during the day, I take it off with this stuff.  It is so soft on your skin and it doesn't sting your eyes with fumes like some stuff does.  I've noticed that my eye lashes have gotten a little thicker of the couple weeks that I've used it.  Probably since I'm not scrubbing them off with paper towels! Haha!

If you are interested, click HERE for a link to Megan's MK page.


I've just started using this product because it was recommended by my sister.  I recently noticed that her hair had gotten a TON thicker since the last time I had seen her and she said that she used this product.  So I looked it up and all the reviews were fantastic and the results are real.  FAT HAIR makes your hair feel fuller and thicker and makes it stronger as well.  I've been using for about a week, and I've seen immediate results of my hair looking thicker and stronger. It's not drastically different (YET), but I've only used it a few times. Many of the reviews were saying that their pony tails had thickened a good inch over time!!  THATS A LOT OF THICKNESS!


I have been biting my nails since before I can remember, and I've been trying to quit for about that long too! I usually try to get acrylic nails so that I can't bite them.  This gives them a chance to grow, but it also weakens them when the fake nails come off. This plan usually doesn't work because even though they are longer than usual, I can't help but bite my nails again because they are flimsy and they feel gross.  Well, this last time I was determined to fight for my nails.  If I get engaged in the future, I don't want to have to take a picture of my ring with my bitten nails (not attractive).  So when the acrylic nails came off, I took nail clippers to the flimsy ends and cut them short.  Then I started using nail hardener thanks to Kelsea from school who showed me how awesome it works. This is the product I use:

It's been almost 4 weeks without me biting my nails. I've been clipping them once every week and they've gotten way stronger.  I think it's safe to say.... I've finally CONQUERED my nail biting habit.  Which brings me to my Christmas gift that I can finally use whenever I want and actually keep it on because it looks good:  Nail Polish!!

All of these products, (minus the nail polish because it isn't an improver, just an enhancer), have helped me become more confident in my skin.  My skin is clearer, softer and just plain awesomer; my hair is getting longer and looks healthy and thick; and my nails are strong and unbitten which of course, makes everything better (unless you are a vampire. lol).   I would recommend any of these products to people who want to improve their natural beauty.  Better looking skin, brighter eyes, gorgeous hair, and pretty nails are all a perfect recipe to get the jump on self-esteem and image that you may need to feel better about yourself and to also help others feel better about themselves too!  

When you know of a good product that works for you, TELL SOMEONE! They might be looking for something just like it!  

This is my first step in my resolution.  I know some things that make me feel confident, so I want to share them so others might gain confidence in themselves if they wish to try these products! 

Happy 9th! aka my favorite day of every month! Along with 19th and the 29th....   :D


  1. I definitely want to try the Fat Hair products. Where did you buy them?

  2. Kerri got them at Ulta, but they are also on Amazon for only like 8 bucks

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! As a fine-haired, nail-biting, mascara-in-bed person, I appreciate them all :)

    Visiting from your mom's blog.