Friday, September 3, 2010

Facebook Official

So... hmmm. has anyone else noticed that I pretty much start every post with "So" haha. I am LAME.  Anyway, college life is rather appealing to me.  I have freedoms that I never had at home unlike a lot of other kids.  I love the freedom of being able to just leave whenever I want and just chill with Jesus, and explore His amazing creations.  I am just loving it here.  I love my roomies :) I have been getting to know them each better and better.  I have also made several new friends.  (It's Facebook Official)

The lovely Amber,
Liz is on the left, Alyssa is on the right.
This is Josh. He likes Josh Groban, TOO!! :D
This would be Matt, the roommate of Josh's
And my man, Brian
I have several people who I have befriended as well as these wonderful people, i just haven't had the guts to take pictures of them yet!! Haha!!


  1. haha... matt??? where are you matt???????

  2. Haha I feel so freaking bad!! I WILL pay tribute.