Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First day of College...

Ok.... so I don't actually have any pictures for this post, but I am actually really excited about this one!!  I hope you enjoy reading it :)

So... today I got up. Yes I did, bet ya didn't notice... lol.  Anyway, my first class was at 9 and it was Comp I.  I was going to ride with Amber and another girl, Liz, but my RA was getting on her bike so I decided to ride with her and see where to park the bikes and whatever. So I did, it was fun except for the excruciating pain to my tail bone... That seat was like balancing your coccyx on the corner of a metal pole. Yeah, not very pleasant. BUT, I made it. Well, at least I thought so.  Kristi, my RA, said it was in the library. So I followed her in, but when I asked a lady working there, she said it was in the Rigel Center across the walk. I was "oh ok" so I turned around and started walking there.  Then as I got inside I was about to start walking around to find the class room when I saw Amber and Liz, who are in the class, walking towards me. They were like "not enough room so we have to go to the library." OMG. "alright then"  So we walk back over, had Comp I class. Then after that was the Life of Christ class, and Brian and Matt met Liz and I for that one. I think I'm going to like the teacher... He is kinda funny and reminds me of the preachers my dad knows... Its just familiar.  Next was College Experience class which I think will be really fun because the teacher is my dorm mom, Faith. She is soo fun and apparently she occasionally has us skip class to go out to eat or whatever.
Then we all went to lunch and it was VERY tasty :) After that I went to my last class, which is Psych.  So... I've got a sweet schedule.

Ok so one funny thing that happened today was in Psychology class.  The professor, said that at the beginning of every class we will be asked a question to answer for bonus. So for the first day he gave us our first question to right on our papers. It was "President Obama had a big meeting on tv for the past couple days. what big  (something or other) was canceled. what was it?"  and some guy raised his hand and was like, "Uh... we don't have cable.."  and he was like oh.... and then some guy raised his hand and was like "And I'm canadian." HAHAHA ROFL!!!

Now, the best part of the day:  When I was in College Experience class, Faith siad "Oh Kelli!!! There is something I want you to do for chapel tomorrow!!! I mean, you don't have to, but I would love it if you did."
I was like.... "Ok?"  So after the class ended, I walked up to her and was like "What's up?"  She was like, "Ok Kelli, there is this thing we do for the first chapel of the year. We do a ceremony where we have a boy freshman and a girl freshman come up and represent their class. They are going to wear graduation robes and everything. It's symbolic for, like, looking to the future. Like, this is what you have to look forward to. And we had to pick a boy and a girl for this role.  We already picked a guy and when we were thinking of a girl, i instantly thought of you. So would you do it?"  I was like "Totally! I would love to!"  I was feelin' kinda good about actually starting to make a name for myself.  I'm not going to get conceited, but I'm just really excited that she thought of me.... :)


  1. Sounds like an awesome first day Sweetie!! Can't wait to hear about the chapel service.

  2. Easy to see why she picked you...your personality!!! :)

  3. Yep, your outgoing personality will do it every time! hey, I already miss you

  4. Sounds like it's going really well for you.