Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let's get ice cream!!!!

So... last night... everyone was super bored around the dorm, and in chapel several days ago, everyone had received a green ticket for free ice cream at this place called Topper's.  Well, we all concluded that, since we were about to smash each other in the face just for some entertainment, we were going to go use our free tickets instead (a lot safer). lol. So... because my beautiful Amber left with her loverly car, (another story, another post), we had to pile into this other girl's car from across our hall, April.  She has a small sporty small jeep type Kia.  So it had room, just not for 7 people. Haha. Can you say sardines???  Well I can, because I had to sit on someones lap.  That was uncomfortable considering I couldn't sit up all the way, so I was hunched over and I had to hold like two different handles to keep from falling over on everybody else.

Anyway, Jake, the tall guy in the black shirt in my pics, was the one telling April the directions.  And he took us on a "short cut". You know the ones with the unmarked paths... the bumpy dirt roads, the towering darkness around us....  It just screams "WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!" and "WE ARE GOING TO GET ATTACKED!!!"  and then the classic "WHERE ARE WE???? ARE WE LOST???? OH NO!!! I'LL NEVER SEE MY FAMILY AGAIN!!!!" Haha.  As we were driving through, Jake was telling us that a bunch of hobos lived in the woods around us.   We saw what he was saying was pretty true because we passed several chairs sitting along the path, and Jake said that there were a bunch of mattresses laying around in the fields...  So everyone was freaking out expecting something to come running across the clay road ahead of us or to run into the car, just begging us to all scream.

But, we ended up making it to the ice cream place, and everyone got their ice cream and we just stood around eating it.  It had been raining so everything was wet, and it wasn't a sit down and eat kinda place. It was all outdoors....  Here are some pictures:

April, Jake, Liz

Brian, April, Liz, Matt, Jake
Me and Liz
Jake and Brian
And, if anyone cares, we made it back safely too. We didn't take the long scary road. lol.

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  1. Fun post and that ice cream looks really good!