Monday, September 13, 2010


So... at the South Lake Wales Church of God church on campus, they hold a service for college students called Infusion. These services are every Sunday night.  Well, the first one was last night, and boy let me tell you, it was amazing.  The worship was my favorite part.  The songs were good, and I was surrounded by a couple people who weren't fake about their worship. They had their eyes closed and I could tell they were letting the Holy Spirit fill them. And as I was watching them I realized something.  "WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING??!! I'm standing here, looking at them in awe, when I can just as easily set my focus away from them, and onto the Presence of God, and be worshiping right along side them!"  

So I did just that.  I let my focus turn away from those around me.  I closed my eyes and let the beautiful music and words flow through me.... I could almost feel God's presence against my skin as I let myself be taken away to this wonderful place of His glory and praise.  The words penetrated my heart like none other before.  I felt like I could breathe for once in my life.  It was incredible.  Once I couldn't take it any longer (the holding back, that is) I just threw my hands up into the air and I raised my face up to Him.  I didn't care what anyone else was thinking.  All I cared about was my Father and myself.  I just prayed in my head,  "Lord, fill me.  Like you have never done before because I never let you. Fill me so that I am over flowing with your light.  That none see me, but only you."  I was so filled that I felt a tear drop from my eyes.  It was so glorious. 

I praise You, Jesus.  For Your Love and Your truly remarkable magnificence!!!

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