Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Week!!!

So.... I have approximately 6 days before I get to go home.  FINALLY. 

There is no exam for Comp I:  YAYYYYYY
There is an exam for Life of Christ:  Pffsshhh. Please. I'm a pastor's kid. Can you say "easy breezy"???
There is no exam for College Experience because my last class was like last monday:  WOOOTTT
There is an exam for Intro to Psych:  YIKES.  (this, I am nervous for)
There is an exam for College Math:  Yup. I am going to fail. No sweat. lols.

Well, the upside, I GET TO GO HOME IN 6 DAYYSSSS!!!!

I should make a list of who I am suppose to hang out with.  But I am hoping people will contact ME too.  It would be kinda lame to be inviting everyone to hang out with me and not get invited myself... ouch. lol
PLUS, I have not a car anymore since mine decided not to work.  So, basically, I am going to be like:

Hey girl! wanna hang out??
Sure! what do you wanna do?
Oh, idk. the mall? a movie? maybe dinner?
That sounds awesome!
Sweet :) your driving! Bye!

........... I feel as if that won't go over very well. But hopefully people will miss me enough that they are readily willing to drive their cars for me. lol

Oh!  And I also can't wait to get home because I can finally upload all the drawings that I have done! I hope I get some comments up in that blog! lol. It's feelin a little naked ;)

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