Monday, December 6, 2010

How do you think of God?

When you think of God, what kinds of things come to mind?  Words like omnipotent, holy, merciful, etc are probably the more common ones.  In one of my classes today, our professor had us close our eyes.  She told us to think of one song, that if we could only listen to this one song and nothing else, what would it be and why?  Is it the rhythm of the song? The words of it?  So I thought of a song.  I posted about it a while back.  It is "I look to you" by Whitney Houston.  I just LOVEEE the words and the music and I love her voice. I could listen to it for days. I actually have before too.  Just that song.

And then the professor had us close our eyes and think of God. Think about who He is.  What do we invision Him looking like?  How does He smell? Does He have a smell?  What kind of images do we get from Him when we try to imagine His being.

Well, my answer to those questions were that I don't think that I can put God into an actual image of a person (as some people said. ex: apparently there is like a hippo/leopard thing with wings on South Park that is suppose to be God?)  I think of God, not as a deity in someones body, but more of Him being the body.  Or, like, a presence.  Something you can't see, but you can feel the wieght of Him.  And when I think of what he would smell like, I think of flowers.  Of nature.  Of just purity, like when you get a breeze that smells of spring.

So my question of the day is,  When you think of God, if you could imagine him, what would He look like?  What would He smell like?


  1. I would imagine God to be looking or smelling like ..LIFE...anything amazing that I've ever seen, smelt, felt..or been apart of. :)

  2. I absolutely can not imagine what God would look like, but smell? well, maybe like when I hang my sheets outside to dry..oh, I love that smell, & it is pure nature, nothing "added".