Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 is gonna be swell

    Well, 2012 is here!!! There has been so many changes and things that have happened in 2011, I think I can honestly say, I have never needed a new year more than right now. I NEED TO START OVERRR!!!!

So here I am, about to make another promise to blog more, which I may or may not actually keep.  I have the urge to make an epic New Year's resolution, that I may or may not keep...  Which makes me think... that I might just wing it. Hail Mary!!!  2012 has a big name... I mean, it has a movie after it!! Basically, I'm obligated to try my bestest to make the year epic.  And... there is a very big possibility that it will be.  "Like what?" - (this is what you just thought in your head.)  I shall tell you!

#1) New semester = new classes= new friends
#2) I made a flyer to advertise to get art commissions= money for school
#3) I got the job that I wanted for summer= money & experience
#4) The job is at a sports summer camp = workin out and losin' weight (before)
#5) No boys= no problems   (but... I'm open to meeting Prince Charming....) XD

As long as I don't screw anything up... (which is inevitable)... then it should be a super good year!! :D

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