Friday, January 6, 2012

Hey, so... I just hung out with my brothers for the first time.... ever.

A lot of you remember reading my blog post that I wrote this past summer about meeting my biological father.  I'm too lazy to check to see if I mentioned anything about my brothers.  But when I found my biological father almost a year ago to date, I also found out that I had two brothers from my father's first marriage.

Well, two days ago, on Wednesday, I met my two brothers for the first time ever!!!  It was so amazing!!! Taylor is 24, and Nathan is 22.

Nathan, me, and Taylor
I remember getting up early and I cleaned the house and it seemed like every time I looked at the clock, time was just moving slower... so I just put my ipod in and just listened to music and went around just doing things to occupy myself until noon which was when they were suppose to be at my house. I didn't even hear the door bell ring.  I actually saw my dog jumping and running around barking.  My stomach dropped and I ran to the window to check and see if they were here... I looked out the window, and it wasn't a fedex... aaaahhhh I was so nervous. So... I went and opened the door and saw them.  I instantly started smiling like an idiot. It was so awesome. I let them into the house, and hugged them both. On the outside, I was smiling and being calme, but happy, and then... on the inside, I was screaming and running around in circles, jumping up and down, completely ecstatic.  I took them into the kitchen and started making lunch, but because I was so nervous, I was making a lot of noise, and I couldn't think straight, I was knocking things off the fridge that was hanging on it, etc. I probably looked like an idiot. But, I blame it on them.  

While I was making lunch, we talked about all kinds of stuff, and then sat down and played the question game. We all sucked at the game. Nobody could really think of questions... I know you are probably thinking of tons of questions you would ask, but my mind was drawing blanks. I couldn't really think of any good questions. 

Anyway, after we ate we sat in the family room and talked and ended up playing Words With Friends on our phones for almost two hours. It was pretty fun... I learned that Taylor has a very small vocabulary considering every word he used was a word he had no idea what it meant, he just got lucky when the game accepted it.  Nathan is hilarious because he just rolls his eyes and pokes back when Taylor says stupid things.

I definitely know we are related because myself, along with many other people have noticed wayyyy too many similarities.  Taylor and I have the same smile, Nathan and I have the same eyes, we alllll bite our finger nails, and we all have pretty good senses of humor. lol. I can't imagine if we had all grown up in the same house. It probably would have been crazy.

Meeting my brothers seriously made my winter break. It was so awesome. I think we are going to hang out one more time before they head back home since they came to Ohio to visit me and other family. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet them and I get the opportunity to get to know them now. Not many people get the chance to catch up with siblings they didn't know they had. Well, I do!!!  Thanks Jesus <3 You the Man...

HERE is the link for my reunion with my father... not really after, but a back story post:


  1. Kelli, this is truely awesome!!! I am so happy for you!! I hope that you guys can continue to grow in a relationship together. This is such a blessing! God has big plans for you and every bit of your family as a whole. Some of us He made extra special and gave us lots of extra family :) This is an incredible story that you have to tell :) Although explaining how all of us are related to you and you have 9 siblings can get sticky. haha. <3 you chickie :)

  2. Love the pictures! So excited your getting to meet the rest of your family! What a feeling for all three of you! Laurie