Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So blessed!

I am so blessed!!! I'm sure I will feel even more blessed once summer starts, but yesterday was definitely a good start.

So, I have been dreading going into financial aid to start the registration process for next year because I knew that I probably owed a lot, and it's always a huge burden to carry knowing that I have to find ways to get the amount paid off in order to register for next semester. I was in complete understanding that I would probably have to pay it off during the summer and just leave my schedule for next semester with someone who could register me while I was gone over the summer. But that's not what happened. Funny how things that we have all set and planned are disrupted for God's plans. THANK YOU JESUS.

My mom had told me that she was sending me a package that had some money to pay for my tuition and that it would get here soon. So yesterday I decided to go into financial aid and see what the damage was so that I could know how much I would owe after the money mom was sending me got here. I go in and and ask my friend, who is also my financial aid lady, what I owed and I braced myself for the worst. I was expecting around one amount, but the amount she gave me was almost HALF of that!! I was totally shocked. So I called my dad to find out the amount of the two checks that I was getting so I could see what I would owe after them. Then my dad informed me that there are THREE checks coming. One from them, one from the Missions/scholarship fund at my church, and then my tax return. That was another surprise. I was only expecting two. I also was thinking that the checks would all be smallish. NOPE. I was like, going into shock when my dad was telling me the amounts because it was just enough to pay off this semester and to have a little left over to go into next semesters tuition. Thank you SO MUCH Jesus. You are amazing.

This summer I am working at an International camp in North Carolina and I am making about $3000 which is pretty good for a summer job. I was expecting to have to take all of that and put it towards this semester, and then have to find a way to get next semester paid off... BUT NOPE. That $3000 can go towards next semester, and also, I got a Student Government position that is paid (more on that in another post), so that money will go towards the semester, and I am also thinking about going out for track (throwing) which will have a little bit of money involved. God is WORKING, PEOPLE!!! Hallelujah!!

Ok, that's all for now!! Don't forget to thank him for everything!!!

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