Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Class

      Yesterday, I took out all of my pens and pencils from my backpack and then forgot to put them back in for today's classes.  This morning in class, I had to ask to borrow a pen from a girl.  As she reached her hand into her purse and pulled out what she apparently used all the time as a writing utensil, I became dumbfounded. She was handing me a Prismacolour Premier Fine Line marker.  

      Was she being for real??? She expects me to take notes with that???!!!  That is a high class drawing marker!! But.... I didn't have any thing else to write with... Gulp... Here goes nothing....  I take the lid off and press it to the paper to make a note....  I had to practically swallow a scream from the amount of pain that coursed up through my arm as I attempted to abuse the art tool.  

      Nope. I can't do this. I WON'T!!!  So I didn't.  I put the lid back on and set it aside to give back to the girl after class. And I didn't make anymore notes the entire class.  No way Jose.  Those things themselves are WORKS OF ART!!!!!  HOW DARE SHE???!!!!

Some people got no class.....

p.s. I am NOT exaggerating.  Just like you wouldn't kick a volleyball, you don't write with a drawing marker. :) 

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