Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prayer Box

I've been meaning to make a project of this for a long time, but I really haven't had a lot of time to do it... I still don't.  Maybe while I'm home for 2 weeks I can make one? 

I'm talking about a prayer box.  I really want to make one.  Design it all by myself, and make it look amazing. Then I can put all of my prayers in it and always date them, because when a prayer is answered, I can take it out of the box and see when I prayed for it, and I can put a date of answer.  I might then put it back in the box. I'm not really sure. 

BUT. I still need to think up designs for my box. How big should it be? How small? Should it be super decorative or simple?  Hmmm....  I found this awesome box on and I just want you to drool over it too.

Some girl HANDMADE it. I love roses, I love keys, and I love love love love old looking rustic things like this. Seriously. I'm drooling I promise. 

Anyway, I don't think my box will look THAT amazing, but I want it to look nice.

      I was making my usual "To Do This Week" list and while I was writing it I kinda glanced at my coin purse and decided I would count all my pennies to see if I could make a few bucks.... Nah... like $2.40 tops.  So... I decide to see how many different years I had...  then... I got an idea... maybe on my box I could have all the years I have been alive be represented in pennies??? Ok... maybe kinda lame... I don't know. Maybe I can do something with it.   But it ends up, I have from 1970 all the way to 2011 and I am only missing 2 years.  1988 and 1971.  I'll probably just get rid of those coins whose years I don't need... cash them I mean. Or... I could keep the years that have significance to me.  Like the year that my parents got married... That's sort of important to me... Although... I'm not entirely sure what year that is. I hope it's not 1988 since I'm missing that one... Hahaha.
If anyone has any ideas, let me know!! Brainstorm with me!!!  Maybe you can make one too?? 

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