Friday, June 22, 2012

Is it okay if I say that I'm sick of being alone?  Can I say it without getting the same old lecture "You're never alone"....?   Because with or without the lecture, I still feel alone and I am sick of it.  I'm sick of flying solo.  I'm sick of having to tell myself that I'm beautiful.  I want to hear it from his lips.  I want to feel it through his love.  Whoever he is... I feel as low as dirt because all I want is that .... and its not mine.

Something that makes that feeling even worse is seeing someone every day that you have feelings for, but you know they don't feel the same... and yet the feelings don't stop.  Shouldn't they??  Hearts are really stupid.  Listen, chick, he doesn't like you.  So stop liking him.  Nope. Doesn't work that way.  First you have to suffer.  Suffer every time you see him laugh and smile and do all those ridiculously cute things... Suffer because when he does those things, he is doing them with other people and you're just watching.  He pretty much doesn't even know you exist.  Oh sure, keep telling yourself that if he knew you, he would like you.  I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Nor will it ever be the case. 

I am stuck being the girl that likes the guy who doesn't like her back and who all the guys that she doesn't like nor would ever like, like her.

Ok... I'm done moping.  No I'm not... ughhh

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  1. I won't say anything other than I understand. I was there myself once too. Remember I didn't meet your daddy until I was almost 30.