Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's gonna be a doozy...

      I knew before this year started that it was gonna be a tough one, but now that I have been at school for 5 weeks, I shall edit my original assumption and call it a 'doozy' instead... seems more accurate.  My classes are taking a lot of time, SGA is a ton of work, and I am also on the Track & Field team which takes a good chunk of my time as well....  As most people, who know me well, know.... I SUCK at time management... and I am a master at procrastination...  'Tis not a good thing to be a master in... especially with all the junk I need to do.  I wish it was like...  Tae Kwon Do or something.... oh sorry... distraction.  ANYWAY.

     I have a planner, and I write in it... the thing is that sometimes I just don't look at it after I write in it.  This is very bad.  I have so much homework that it is overwhelming and I am constantly in a fight with myself on whether or not I should do it...  I usually pick the smart option, but sometimes....  I don't.  It also doesn't help that I started reading a book series the past 2 weeks because when I get involved in a book, it becomes my priority.  I haven't read any books in a really long time so I was super into getting it read and finished (which I did). 

So... pretty much I need to grow some discipline ASAP. I need to concentrate on the things I NEED to concentrate on instead of what I WANT to concentrate on.  DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS??!!

Anyway... speaking of discipline, I'm gonna go do homework now. :D

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  1. Yep, I know and struggle with some of the same stuff, believe it or not. Like for the 2nd week in a row, it's Monday & I haven't done even one of my Bible Study Lessons. So guess, what I'll be doing tonight. haha