Thursday, October 24, 2013

What it takes

        Warner University's first football season is almost over, and it's been rough.  We have zero wins under our belts, there have been injuries, some have been out for the season, a lot of players have gotten discouraged, a few have even left, there have been both good and bad attitudes seen on and off the field, but through it all, there have been an exceptional few that have been pretty positive throughout, and those guys are the ones that are making our team better. 
        Shout out to Drew, our QB.  No matter how hard it got, and will be, he is guaranteed to play his butt off for his team.  Another player that I happen to be pretty close to is my handsome man, John.  I still get surprised at how unbelievably hardworking he is for his team and sport.  Call me biased, but I'm pretty sure he is among the top players when it comes to dedication, skill, and hard work.  Because of all these things, his teammates chose him as a captain.  I firmly believe his consistent good attitude has earned him that spot.  That pretty much makes me famous, right?! Haha Just kidding!!  But basically, he has what it takes.  When people can tell you really care and are willing to put in the work, you are a leader, publically chosen or not.  That little bit of insight is free.  You are welcome America.

Anyway, here are some pics of my bf during his first game as a captain:

Coin toss

John, #55, and one of his besties, Travis

The most adorable fist pump ever.

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