Monday, August 12, 2013

Flashin' back

Lately, or rather, pretty much all summer, I've been having major flashbacks of my childhood.  I've been remembering (and missing) toys, shows, books, little habits, food, etc.  Maybe it's happening because my mind is finally grasping that I'm almost all grown up?  (For me, we will count graduating college as achieving ultimate adulthood.)

One thing that I have always loved about my parents is that they have never hesitated in encouraging me to stay young.  Ok, ok, not always loved, but in the aspect of wanting to collect toy figurines, or buy toy cars, or watch kids movies all the time (even in my teens and twenties), they've never made me feel bad about it.  So I have happily, to this day, still bought Disney figurines or dolls, or movies, or whatever!

Anyway, when I got home about a week ago, I was going through my closet in my old room where I keep all of my stuff from when I lived at home.  I was attempting to clear some stuff out so that when I moved out officially after college, there would be less junk to deal with.  While I was doing that I found all kinds of things that I had forgotten about!!  It just made my heart smile as I remembered growing up and how I entertained myself for hours with all the stuff. 

 Here are some of my toys and things that I had and that I loved enough to keep forever! 
First things first, my Disney figurine collection!!

Click on the picture to see it bigger and better

Here's some closer up:

They just make me so happy! I've no idea why, but I've always been a sucker for little figures like these!  For my birthday, my sister bought me 2 more sets of them!!  She bought the Disney Fairies set and the Disney Tangled set!!

And then there are my Disney Barbies!!  I WAS going to try to collect all of them, but I figured it would just be too much money to do that and they are much bigger than figurines, so more space is required to show them!  Maybe when I have a daughter, we will start her one. Then she can share with her mommy ;)  lol

These first two are my prides!!  Both are collectibles.  Ariel is from the film debut, and Cinderella is a 50th Anniversary special addition.  I don't like Cinderella, but her dress is simply amazing, so I gave in!!  (Plus the person selling had no idea what kind of item they had so they were selling for really cheap!)  The rest are just from the Disney store!!  I love these dolls because the past few years Disney has really been doing an excellent job with resemblance! 

Well, that's my girly collection!!  I've got other stuff, but I'll write another post for those ;)  Some of the toys and books I miss were these awesome Sky Dancers that you pulled a string and it made this pretty little doll with wings go flying in the air.  I had really awesomely illustrated books to go with them!  I also miss all of my Disney story books.  But those are boxed up until I have my own awesome library. See my post here about my future epic library.

Well, I hope I brought back some memories of your own childhood!!  I loved my childhood and I wouldn't ever change it!!  I was very blessed and I thank God for such amazing, supportive parents.  

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