Thursday, July 18, 2013

I miss reading!!

I have to admit, ever since I got into college, I haven't read hardly anything besides textbooks!  I miss my high school days when I would read like crazy.  I used to get so hooked into book series. Any time I had a little free time during class, I would take my book out and read it during class or I would sit in the back and read them under my desk even when the teacher was teaching! Then as soon as I got home from school, and I still remember doing this, I would run into my room, toss my backpack on the floor and then jump fly onto my bed and land with my book open to the last page I read (all in one fluid movement) and then read till dinner.

There are so many books I want to read or reread, but it seems the older I get, the less time I have to do read.  I miss going to Half-Price and buying like 7 books at a time!  I love going with my family. We usually spread out through the store as soon as we walk through the door, but it has been a Saturday tradition when I was growing up, so I always associate it with my family. 

My mom has a Kindle Fire, and I've always been a little interested in the reader tablets, but I love books too much to subject them (and myself) to a forever behind-a-screen existence.  I have always said that when I grow up and I have a house, I want to have a ton of book shelves filled with books.  I love all kinds of books, new, old, colorful, dirty, etc.  Books make me drool.  Yeah, you can quote me on that one. Haha

Have you ever seen Beauty and the Beast?  Do you remember the library the Beast gave Belle for a present?  Good lord, I just want to die every time I see that library.  Here's a picture to jog your memory:

So if I ever get rich enough, I'm going to aim as high as I can for something like this.  But let's be realistic. I'm never going to live in a castle, no matter how much my little heart wants to.  I have ideas, though, for what I could do to my house to make it look awesome. Here are some pictures I found that I absolutely love!

Hopefully my future husband is crafty enough to do something this awesome, or I'm rich enough to pay someone to do it. Haha.  Aren't they awesome??!!!!  I especially love the ladder/ 2 story idea.

Well, with that, I will conclude with notifying all my readers that I'm going to be accepting donations to Kelli's Ridiculously Awesome Library from now till forever. Thanks! :P

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  1. Even though I read mostly on my Kindle, I still love a Library.