Monday, July 8, 2013

My Country Man :)

         So as most of you have noticed, I've got myself a boyfrannnn!!!

         I know all you guys up in Ohio are probably incredibly curious and want to know about this guy who has caught my attention, and I would be happy to tell you all about him!  I would tell you all about our relationship story, but that will come when I write my engagement post (haha just kiddinngggg!!!!.....maybe....)  ;)   Anyway!!  Onto the good stuff!

         We have 4 weeks till we've been together for half a year.  I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I don't think time is the only judgement of a relationship.  I do think it is definitely a good factor. Believe me, I'm not rushing to get married or anything.  I stand by my past post about time being incredibly important.  Anyway, I have gotten to know this guy really well in the past half year, and we've gone through quite a bit of stuff that has just made us get closer together.  And it is really important to me that everyone else get to now him, too :)

         His name is John Kent, which, by the way, just happens to be the name of Superman's adopted father!  No, I will not name my son Clark. Come on people. :P  Also, I caught myself a baby!  He is gonna be 20 in April. Yeah, I know... I'm a cougar. Trust me, he reminds me all the time. 

         One of the things I love most about him is how surprisingly mature he is for his age.  He is so incredibly funny, but we've had some of the most serious conversations I've ever had with anyone.  He is so goofy, but can be incredibly serious and sincere just moments later.  

          When I first met him, I will be the first to admit that I threw him right into the stereotype of a dumb redneck.  His friends still won't stop teasing me about it.  But the moment I realized that he wasn't as dumb as I originally thought was when we were first texting each other and he was using words that average intelligent people don't even use. I was thoroughly surprised, but I just figured he was trying to impress me.  So having someone who I thought was a dumb redneck, and him being almost 3 years younger than me, I figured he wouldn't have much of a vocabulary, and not a whole lot of intelligence either.  (Just so you know, I was not interested in him at this point. I've got higher standards than that. lol)  Anyway, so when I realized he actually had a really good vocabulary, my interest definitely peaked a bit.  (By the way, his favorite word is discrepancy) Idk why, but it is and he tries to use it whenever he can.

          Anyway, as we started hanging out more and more, I became more impressed every time we hung out.  I quickly came to an understanding the first couple months, after trying to stump him or show off my own intelligence, that he is WAYYY smarter and more intelligent than me. Ok, maybe not more intelligent, but he definitely has more common sense than me (yeah I know what you are gonna say, Mom.  Most people have more common sense than me. Thanks. :P )  And you know what? I don't mind that he is smarter than me!  It drove me nuts when I would be talking to other guys and know that I was way smarter than them.  I like being able to ask him about stuff and get it explained to me.  And he is really good at dumbing things down for me.  He always uses his hands the same way when he explains things to me. It's so darn cute. haha

Ok!  Anyway, one of the most interesting things about my man is that he has his own company!  And he is only 19!! It's called K.O.R.E (Kent Off-Roading Equipment).    He makes bumpers (shown right), brush guards, roll bars, and other truck stuff.  

Don't ask me what he's welding. I've no idea.

He helps with his dad's company, Heli-Art, and so he has been welding since he was like 6. He constantly has people who have been welding 3x longer than him tell him they wished they could weld as well as he does.   

Fun fact about his dad's company:  His dad built the camera boat for Pirates of the Caribbean!!  ****MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS FOR THE FAMILY****

         So, more about John.  He is an Offensive Lineman on our university's football team.  I know nothing about football, but according to him, the offensive lineman is the smart lineman, apparently defense isn't.  HIS WORDS, not mine. :P   He's going to school for Business Management (obviously), haha, and is thinking about double majoring with Agriculture studies.

         He loves to hunt and fish and shoot guns.  I like to fish, and shooting guns is fun too! One time I was at his house out in the boonies (aka redneck country) and I asked him if I could shoot one of his guns and he happily took me outside and let me shoot a couple times.  Simple joys, people. Country is the way to go if you ask me!  I love that he is such a 'manly' man (for lack of a better word).  Everyone who knows me, ya'll know I could not deal with a feminine guy for very long.  If you can't wrestle, if you aren't stronger than me,   and if you aren't a classic gentleman, you can just turn around and go home.  Lucky for me, or maybe... lucky for John, he isn't feminine. At all.  He is so respectful and conservative, but he's not sexist.  He might pretend to be, but I know if I wanted a sandwich, he would totally make me one. Hahaha

My favorite picture :) Our first official date.
         I've always had a bit of a problem opening my heart to people which is why I've always struggled with getting close to people, but even in the first few times John and I hung out, I saw how incredibly genuine his heart was and I just instantly clicked with him. I'm not sure why, but I don't mind. I felt so comfortable and safe with opening up, I knew that our friendship might become something more, and it did :)

         He is a Christian, albeit a fairly new one.  It's been so awesome to see him grow and be able to answer his questions, and discuss things from the Bible, and just watch him really understand more and more what it all means.  I'm praying as the next few years go by, he keeps growing, and myself too.  God does awesome things and Him being in the center of our relationship is important to both of us.

Well, hopefully I gave a little insight for everyone.  You are welcome, and I hope that you guys up in Ohio can meet him someday :) 


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  1. AWWWW Kel, I loved reading this! :-) So happy for you girl, you totally deserve it!
    Carrie Burley