Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Movies anyone??

The people I been living with this summer have a pretty good movie collection.  During the weekends I usually watch a movie, sometimes two.  So the other day I decided to count all the movies that I've watched and it's a pretty legit list!  And I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few, too!  I'm pretty sure nobody really cares, but here is the list!!! (I didn't do alphabetical order because unless it has to do with filing, it's incredibly boring.)

Movies I hadn't seen:

The Cave                                    Invincible
Amazing Grace                            The Lone Ranger
Cloverfield                                  The Soloist
I Am Number Four                       Abraham Lincoln
Man of Steel                               Super 8
Flyboys                                      Inkheart
The Forgotten                             Planet of the Apes
Pink Panther                               We Bought a Zoo
Hachi                                         Iron Man 
The Princess Bride                        Iron Man 2
Valkyrie                                      Human Centipede
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas      Monsters University
Robin Hood                                 The Purge
Megamind                                   Shark Night
The Grey                                     Runaway Bride
Rum Diary                                   Immortals
Oz the Great and Powerful             Rango
The Princess                                Spiderwick Chronicles

Movies I had seen before:

Prometheus                                Avatar
Avengers                                    Thor
Despicable Me                             Castaway
Captain America                          Inception
She's the Man                             Treasure Planet
King Kong                                   Nacho Libre
Benchwarmers                            Wall-E
Snow White & the Huntsman  Pitch Perfect
One Night w/ the King                  Jurassic Park
Lost World                                  Ice Age
Warm Bodies                              Tombstone
Amazing Spiderman

That's like.... 60 movies! Haha  I'm awesome.  On another note... I read 6 books! lol   

But anyway, my boyfriend isn't much of a movie watcher.  That is going to have to change. Haha  I'm looking to own a collection like this:

Ive always wanted to have people over when I have my own place, so it would be awesome to have movies!  My favorite ones are the ones with the tragic endings.  My two favorites of the summer were The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (which I may write a separate post about) and Hachi.  Both were heart- wrenching.  Anyway.... yup! :D

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